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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Coming Soon: Mansions of Glass

I’m very excited for this, as I’m more than halfway through with writing and editing, meaning I may just get this finished this summer! Mansions of Glass follows on from where When the Summer left off, and has a darker, more mature tone, which may not be suitable for some readers. Mostly, it deals with themes of isolation, abuse, and coming to terms with sexuality.
Summary: Aika Rowland, struggling with undiagnosed Aspergers, has always known what it is like to be alone. But not quite like this. Locked away in her quarters of an 18th Century chateau by her domineering, abusive mother, Aika is left to her own devices of imagination and the letters from her long-distance lover, Carrie Knox, to keep her sane.
Disowned by his mother, Buddy Rowland is torn between his love for men and loyalty to his family. Kept apart from his younger sister and the rest of the unit for being a bad influence, he must leave France before his chances of love diminish.
A tale of two runaway teens from a problematic, dysfunctional family, Aika and Buddy set off to find their own idea of happiness and normality.
Like When the Summer Ends, my good friend Nami has illustrated the front cover.

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