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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Umbrella Prints Trimming Challenge 2016 - Paper Dolls

As part of our course at college, we've been asked to join the Umbrella Prints Trimming challenge as one of our topics, which has been a really fun experience as we could basically make whatever we want for the competition, meaning we could branch out to whatever catches our interest.

This time, the idea of paper dolls in a black and white, 2D world meeting brightly coloured fabrics and combining with 3D elements was an interesting idea that I came up with - completely different to when I usually work with fabrics. I also played with old designs meet new fabrics in a way.

I've named the doll Elizabeth after the doll my neighbor gave to me, as they look rather similar as I based my designs on dolls from my personal collection.

Here are some photos of the little scene I set up for photographing my end product. The first picture is the main one I'm going to enter to the competition. :)

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