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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Spyro in the Bath

I can't believe I haven't made a post about him before, but here he is! Before Christmas my dad brought my sister and I out to buy him a bearded dragon, and his name is Spyro! Here he's being bathed. It was so cute because he just loved to swim around and splash us with his little claws! XD

Friday, 27 December 2013

OTP Meme from DeviantArt

(This meme made me laugh, so I'm posting it here too :)) I have a million and one things to do these Christmas holidays, but I've got a headache from all the math homework I've been doing all day (and now, all my homework is done, whooo, free-time for once!), sooooooooo....

List 10 of your OTPs:
  ~Two person pairings only
  ~No combining names
  ~Can be Het/Yaoi/Yuri
  ~Can be CanonxCanon/OCxCanon/OCxOC

1. Patrick Hockstetter x Henry Bowers (It) yaoi
2. Annie Wilkes x Norman Bates (cross between Stephen King's Misery and Psycho in an old RP) het
3. Ben Hanscome x Beverly Marsh (It) het
4. Prince Soma x Agni (Black Butler) yaoi
5. Maurice Cole x Edgar Redmond (Black Butler) yaoi
6. Alois Trancy x Claude Faustus (Black Butler) yaoi
7. Lizzie Midford x Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler) het
8. Cheslock x Greggory Violet (Black Butler) yaoi
9. Cherry Knox x Aika Rowland (OCs from the story I'm writing) yuri
10. Momoko Ryuugasaki x Ichigo Shirayuri (Kamikaze Girls) yuri

1) Who gets along better? Pairing #1 or #5?
Oh god, both pairings hate each other in the books! Well, at first Maurice and Redmond were like best friends/brothers, but they fell out and Redmond dismissed him as his fag (*ahem* that means a brotherly/butler-like relationship only valid on school grounds in boarding schools, during the Victorian era... Not the other sense of the word!)... And Henry Bowers punched Patrick in the face in It, just in case he told anybody about what happened in the Junkyard (not going into details, but it involved a sex scene). So I guess pairing five got along better, or, at least they used to.

2) According to you, does the first person in pairing #10 truly love the second person?
Not particularly. Although, the ending of Kamikaze Girls was kind of ambiguous, and made me inwardly fangirl a little because it sounded romantic. So maybe Momoko could grow to love her in the future.

3) Oh no!! The second person in pairing #4 sees their boy/girlfriend with the first person in pairing #7!! What happens?
Agni would probably turn the other cheek. Soma is 17, and Lizzie is 14, so he'd probably let it go, but inside he'd be a little sad.

4) What would you do if pairing #8 was 100% canon?
Die of happiness of course. ;)

5) In pairing #9, who's more likely to survive an army of zombies?
Ahahahaha, Cherry obviously! Aika would probably just die of shock, whereas Cherry's really badass and can take three boys on in a fight at once. So, yeah, Cherry'll be fine if there's ever a zombie apocalypse.

6) Would the first person in #3 die for their boy/girlfriend?
Yes! Yes he would! Ben is such a cutie!

7) When did you start liking pairing #2?
When I started a RP with my Annie Wilkes account on Tumblr with a Norman Bates account. They just seemed made for each other.

8) Which pairing do you like the most? #4, #6, or #10?
I can't decideeeee! Okay, number 10. They'd just be perfect together.

9) In pairing #7, would the second person still love the first person if they were in a car crash that made them ugly forever?
Lizzie would love Ciel no matter what, so yeah, she would.

10) Does anyone get in the way of pairing #3?
Bill Denborough, Richie Tozier, and practically the entire Losers Club!

11) What would the first person in #9 do if the first person in #1 stole their boy/girlfriend?
Cherry would beat Patrick up for sure. (poor Patrick)

12) Which pairing is the closest to a crack paring?
Annie Wilkes and Norman Bates. They're from two completely different stories, and would never meet! (though I still love them of course)

13) How did pairing #5 meet?
It doesn't mention it in the manga, as they're only minor characters in an arc, but I have a feeling that Edgar is 2-3 years older than Maurice; and they meet each other when Maurice first entered the school, and Edgar was in his third/fourth year of high school. They'd probably pass each other in the hall, as they're from the same house, maybe smile or wave to each other, but never really talk. And when Edgar became a prefect, he'd employ Maurice as his fag, because fag masters apparently loved to have effeminate fags.

14) Pairing #10 had a baby! What happens next?

Absolute chaos. *psst* Besides, they're only like 16/17!

15) The first person in #8 got amnesia! How does their boy/girlfriend help them remember?

As Violet loves painting, he'd probably paint some amazing masterpiece to explain everything to Cheslock, and he'd remember everything they've been through in the school.

16) The second person in #1 is dying!! What are their final words to the first person?

"I'll... kill... *cough* you, Hockstetter..."

17) Is #4 a virgin couple?
Hmm, in the manga, probably. Although, because Soma's the prince, he could order Agni to do anything. ANYTHING.

18) Pairing #6 and #7 are double dating! What happens?
*laughs* Claude would dump Alois at the first chance he could get, steal Ciel's soul from across the dinner table, eat it, run away like a bat out of hell, and leave Alois to sob on the floor, and Lizzie to faint from shock.

19) What song(s) fits pairing #5?
Yay! I have lots of songs for this couple! Either 'Lies' or 'Starring Role' by Marina and the Diamonds. But 'Primadonna' is Maurice's personal song. ;)

20) Pairing #9 has been genderbended!! Outcome?
... I think they'd be just the same, but Aika wouldn't be wearing so many frilly dresses. XD

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Vivant Avec Identites Qui N'appartiennent Pas A Moi

Wanted to try something a little different this time, and working with a new style! For once I didn't use any tutorials or references and just drew from my imagination. I hope it looks okay! *sweats*
Oh, and I stole the title from one of amazingnicky 's pictures, because the title is amazing and I love French! (hope you don't mind! ^^) It loosely means 'living with identities which do not belong to me', from a Marina and the Diamonds song, if I can remember correctly... Long time since I've had a French lesson. :)

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a lovely day, however you spend it! My family and I (save for my Grandparents) are not religious at all, so Christmas for us is mainly a day to spend time with each other, stuff ourselves silly, and exchange gifts. I always love Christmas, and it's the only part of winter I enjoy. :D For the day we walked to my Nana and Grandad's house for the usual Christmas dinner, and played games and watched Tangled on the TV. It was a nice, quiet day, which I can really be thankful for -- especially as noise for me is rapidly becoming intolerable. I read books, and just enjoyed being with my family.

And then of course I got my new doll, Johan Isul! I couldn't resist taking photos of him with the girls I own, he's just too precious! My dad commented that he looks like he has a lot of girlfriends, and I couldn't stop laughing! Whereas, my mum thinks he's their sassy gay friend. XD In my head he's only like, eleven/twelve, so I'll let him decide when he's older, ahah. ;)

Johan with his girls
Also, here's another cutie, this time, off Abi, my sister! I just adore Sylveon.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


I've liked this character for quite a while now, so I'm surprised I haven't drawn him before. He's Maurice Cole from the Weston College arc of Black Butler. I know he was a psychotic bully, but I actually felt quite sorry for him when Redmond dismissed him as his fag (like a butler/brotherly relationship only valid on school grounds during the Victorian era). I was surprised when he started crying his eyes out, that all his makeup didn't run down his face, hence the mascara tear tracks. XD I've been wanting to put more emotion into my pictures recently.
The title came from the Marina and the Diamonds song, which I'm currently obsessing over. A lot of the Marina songs suit his character in my opinion, but Primadonna especially.

Character (c) - Yana Toboso.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Pictures Drawn for Me Part 3

Here are some drawings done by friends either on Deviant Art, or in real life! These pictures mean so much to me, I just love them! Some are my OCs and some are birthday presents and art trades with friends in real life. I'll upload them in the order I got them. <3

 I commissioned NamiPoupee on Deviant art to draw Aika for the book cover of When The Summer Ends, my story that I intend on maybe publishing to kindle one day. Can I just say I almost screamed when I saw it! XD It's so beautiful, and so fitting to her character! Nami is an amazing artist, and so sweet too. I just love this picture so much. Another pic to show the beautiful details she included.

Game Over, drawn by Wendy again, haha. I bet she's sick of drawing for me. XD Anyways, this was part of an Art trade. I drew her Reverie, if you can remember. This time, it's my character Amaya Kuroikiryo from my story Ghost Under the Umbrella. The Game Over effects really suit Amaya's story that I'm creating. I swear these artists are psychic... <3

Pictures Drawn for Me Part 2

Here are some drawings done by friends either on Deviant Art, or in real life! These pictures mean so much to me, I just love them! Some are my OCs and some are birthday presents and art trades with friends in real life. I'll upload them in the order I got them. <3

This is Aika drawn by Riku4 on Deviant art. I love how sweet she made her look!

Birthday gift by my friend Wendy. It was a very lovely present! The special effects are great!

This is by my friend on Deviant art, AmazingNicky! As a part of the art trade we had. :) I drew her Princess Violetta, from the pictures she sent me. She called this picture "vivant avec identites qui nappartiennent pas a moi", which literally means "living with identities which are not my own" in French. I thought this title was amazing, because it suits Aika's situation with her name, AND it's from a Marina and the Diamonds song, "Valley of the Dolls", which I love!

Pictures Drawn for Me Part 1

Here are some drawings done by friends either on Deviant Art, or in real life! These pictures mean so much to me, I just love them! Some are my OCs and some are birthday presents and art trades with friends in real life. I'll upload them in the order I got them. <3

This one is by my dear friend, Wendy, from my main school. It was part of an art trade. I drew her my OC Ronnie Brennan and she drew me one of her characters. I'm not quite sure if this girl has a name... I'll have to ask her sometime!

Another one from Wendy. She told me she drew this picture in her English class, and gave me this in the next lesson, Chinese. She is a really fast and detailed artist!

NanaLei on Deviant art asked to see our OCs to practice drawing, so I showed her a picture of my OC Aika Rowland and she drew her! I really love this one. Sadly, she deleted this picture along with many other drawings in her gallery. A good thing I saved it on my computer!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Black Butler Chapter 88

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote a review for Black Butler chapters... In fact, I missed about six months, and I've still got more book reviews in my queue to do! *hides*

Firstly, I'm really liking this new arc (I liked the Weston College arc too, but when the cricket started, I couldn't be bothered doing reviews anymore as it'd be out of my comfort zone), it's getting more towards the occult side of things, and I noticed this especially in Sieglinde's home. Did you see those devil-like horns on the chair she was sitting on in the dining room? And the torture devices about the place? It seems more like the devilish, occult-y theme that Black Butler started with. Also, this current arc is set in Germany, a beautiful place that I've always wanted to go!

Anyways, Sieglinde's design is amazing. What I love most about her is the really old-fashioned clothing she wears. They really remind me of the fashions in Tudor paintings that you see in history lessons. I'm really tempted to draw her, but I've got enough things to be drawing right now. XD Not only does she look really cute, but she genuinely seems interested in Ciel. Her name is interesting too. I looked it up, and apparently it can mean "Victory" and "gentle, soft". I wonder if it means anything towards the outcome of this arc?

The Green Manor is beautiful! Yana Toboso's attention to detail is stunning! If I were Ciel -- despite the fact he already lives in a manor and is filthy rich -- I'd be really excited to stay the night there!

It was pretty funny when there wasn't any conversation for about an hour, and Ciel was becoming desperate for Sebastian to start a conversation! Reminds me of break times in my two schools, aha... It was also very sweet when they tried to talk together, despite Ciel being practically useless at German. Seeing Ciel's sad little face when she asked about his parents made me kind of sad myself. Poor Ciel...

I wonder if Sieglinde has to wait until midnight every day to get her food at the rate Wolfram is going? Funny that Sebastian compared him to the three Phantomhive servants. (as a plus, his face reminded me of Maurice Cole's expression in the Weston College arc XD) When the food finally arrived, I loved that Sieglinde wasn't all ladylike and minding her table manners, like Elizabeth, or any other Victorian woman for example. She actually looked really cute in those panels. XD Ciel's face was just too comical at that point. He's probably never seen anything like that before!

Ahh, I'm really excited to find out about the werewolf situation next chapter! I don't think i can wait until January. :D

Monday, 16 December 2013


Well, I'm back on PoupeeGirl after talking with a friend on DeviantArt! The last time I played properly was a couple of years back when I had lots of time for computer games. At that time, I didn't really have many clothes that I liked to wear, in the fashion I love (lolita, duh XD), but now I've got an iPhone that can take good-ish photos, and a small collection of lolita clothes, I actually quite enjoy it. =)
Here's my girl at the moment:

Isn't she cute? XD I love her dress at the moment, it's really pretty. Right now, I'm trying to hunt for somebody with the most Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in their wardrobe so I can love and hate them at the same time, aha.
My Poupee account is here:

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Broken Glass and Mice Traps

Fanart of Mey-Rin from Black Butler. I just love her so much! If you haven't read Black Butler, you should, it's amazing! I have a feeling more Kuro fanart is coming soon...

Character (c) - Yana Toboso

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Snowflake Cookies

I'm torn... I love Christmas, but I hate winter so so much... XD Then again, drawing snow is kinda fun. This is my character Aika Rowland and she's wearing a dress by Innocent World that I really want. X3 This thing has been fighting me tooth and nail since the end of November I think!

Pullip Doll Merl

A few days before my birthday I received Pullip Merl, as birthdays always make me nervous for some reason!

I think she is my favourite doll so far! She has long, soft red hair that falls almost to her feet, and ends up in little waves around her legs. Her eyes are a beautiful colour, and her lips are almost the same shade as her hair.
Pullip Merl's outfit is a navy blue sailor-style dress that reminds me somewhat of fashions popular in the Edwardian times. It is complete with sailor collar, tiny little buttons and double white lines to suit the style. Her underskirt peeks just below her blue one in little ruffles. When you take off the outer dress, she is wearing a really cute white dress underneath,  that looks a little like an old-fashioned nightgown. Merl also comes with a yellow lacy sash, stripy woolen socks, adorable little boots and two head-eating bow clips.

I have decided to nickname her Beverly after the character from Stephen King's It. (it must be the red hair, ahaha. That's what I remember most about her from Ben's haiku).

Beverly is also from the 50s, and her hobbies and interests are sailing, the ocean, marine life, swimming, birds, adventures and meeting new people. She is illiterate but gets by just fine. She is also one of my OCs, and she gets her name from Beverly Marsh, one of my favourite characters from Stephen King's It. She's also inspired a little by the lovely Jimmy "Diamond" Skinner from David Balacci's Wish You Well. Her star sign is Libra and she is 15 years old.