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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass Lolita Trip and PYLOT Magazine

This weekend a trip to Liverpool's Odeon cinema was arranged, to see the new Alice in Wonderland film!

The movie was amazing, and the costumes so stunning and unique that it made me want to sew right away and design some clothes inspired by the film! Every costume was so beautiful and says a lot about the character, such as Alice's Chinese-inspired dress for the high-society ball she went to, and her trousers in the Victorian period, where trousers for ladies were frowned upon. The costumes I loved the most, however, were the outfits the Red and White queens wore in their childhood, whist they ate the jam tarts. Very cute with all the details and embellishments!
The story was also very interesting, and offered a new perspective on quite a few characters, which I found surprising and pleasing, especially with the Red Queen (I love the Queen of Hearts and Helena Bonham Carter, so the combination of the two together makes one wonderful character!). It has prompted me to get out my copy of Through the Looking Glass, straight after I finish my Agatha Christie; and I'll certainly be getting this movie when it comes out on DVD!

For a while we just talked at the meet, and had lunch in a cafe fittingly called Rococo, where they do amazing butterscotch milkshakes! It was really nice to see my friends and meet some lovely new people.

Here's what I wore:

JSK: handmade
Blouse:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Headbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: H! by Henry Holland
Bag: Angelic Pretty

I was going for an old-school sweet look with the white and cream paired together and black shoes. The dress was Alice themed, of course!


As a bonus, here is a picture of me that was printed in PYLOT magazine, when the photos were taken at the last meetup I attended. Sorry about my book being in the photo, I couldn't be bothered taking a new photo with only the magazine in, as I got them at the same time.

I look a tad little girl lost, though I do really love this photo!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Alice in Wonderland Frames JSK

It's been a while! I have been busy with finishing off college work, ill health, lack of motivation, and just generally lacking in energy to do sewing. However, among all that wallowing in self-pity, I have been slowly plodding on with this dress with my grandmother - mainly because I set myself a deadline.

I bought the fabric a while ago in London, yet I've only just started using it for an ensemble planned for a Lolita cinema trip meetup, to see Alice and the Looking Glass. I've made an Alice bow - naturally :) - from the same material, to go with the dress. The lace comes from an adorable haberdashery in York that I came across, so this dress contains holiday memories as well as my love for Alice in Wonderland!

The pattern for this came from Otome no Sewing book 2, the "Frames" JSK, which I adapted to fit myself using the slicing method of making a pattern bigger. I traced the pattern pieces to the largest size, working out how I should multiply the measurements to get my size - luckily enough, I only had to separate each strip of pattern piece by a centimeter each time - and put the bodice pieces together by laying them out on the paper and tracing around them to make one bodice piece. I measured the inch for each strip and drew a line upwards with a ruler, and cut the pattern piece into strips. I then cut around the enlarged pattern, adding a centimeter at the bottom of the pattern also.
This is very hard to explain, and I suppose a photograph would do better at explaining it, however I was too excited to take photos at this stage and forgot.

As it was in Japanese I had to do some translating to find out what the miscellaneous, non-obvious pieces were. This made things slightly more difficult, but I battled on. After all, the illustrations in Otome no Sewing were very clear and concise, so I could pretty much guess what the Japanese said when it came to making the thing.

The actual making of the thing was quite straightforward, though in some places we had to improvise where the instructions (or my lack of Japanese) were limited, such as with the shirring in the back and pleating instead of gathering the skirt; I find that pleats look better on me, and I always manage to mess up the gathering somehow anyway in the first go. :)

I'm pleased with the results despite how long it took to piece together.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Umbrella Prints Trimming Challenge 2016 - Paper Dolls

As part of our course at college, we've been asked to join the Umbrella Prints Trimming challenge as one of our topics, which has been a really fun experience as we could basically make whatever we want for the competition, meaning we could branch out to whatever catches our interest.

This time, the idea of paper dolls in a black and white, 2D world meeting brightly coloured fabrics and combining with 3D elements was an interesting idea that I came up with - completely different to when I usually work with fabrics. I also played with old designs meet new fabrics in a way.

I've named the doll Elizabeth after the doll my neighbor gave to me, as they look rather similar as I based my designs on dolls from my personal collection.

Here are some photos of the little scene I set up for photographing my end product. The first picture is the main one I'm going to enter to the competition. :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Coming Soon: Mansions of Glass

I’m very excited for this, as I’m more than halfway through with writing and editing, meaning I may just get this finished this summer! Mansions of Glass follows on from where When the Summer left off, and has a darker, more mature tone, which may not be suitable for some readers. Mostly, it deals with themes of isolation, abuse, and coming to terms with sexuality.
Summary: Aika Rowland, struggling with undiagnosed Aspergers, has always known what it is like to be alone. But not quite like this. Locked away in her quarters of an 18th Century chateau by her domineering, abusive mother, Aika is left to her own devices of imagination and the letters from her long-distance lover, Carrie Knox, to keep her sane.
Disowned by his mother, Buddy Rowland is torn between his love for men and loyalty to his family. Kept apart from his younger sister and the rest of the unit for being a bad influence, he must leave France before his chances of love diminish.
A tale of two runaway teens from a problematic, dysfunctional family, Aika and Buddy set off to find their own idea of happiness and normality.
Like When the Summer Ends, my good friend Nami has illustrated the front cover.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Paperback Copy of When the Summer Ends Available Now!

Through Lulu, my book has been converted to paperback and it arrived in the mail today! It appears to be okay, so I'm really excited! If you'd like to order When the Summer Ends in paperback, it is here.