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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those that celebrate it! Hope you have a lovely day! <3

I took some Easter themed pictures of my Aika Pullip.

I really like the flowers with her eyes! So pretty ;A;

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rock Around the Clock~ Some 50s Coords

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Gothic Lolita Music

For many people music plays an important part in their lives. I'm not really that musical, but I'm going to post some bands and singers that really inspire me.
Malice Mizer
I have to admit, Malice Mizer was basically what got me interested in Japan and lolita fashion in general. I've loved them since I was 11 and I still do years later! The first PV I ever watched was Beast of Blood and now I'm hooked. They are super inspiring for me as they show the beauty in darkness and gothic themes perfectly. Also I love their French twist on things. I can honestly say I like all the eras (Tetsu, Gackt and Klaha) equally. They always make me feel better in rough times and their music is very calming and almost magical in theme! 


First of all, I love almost every song Ali Project produces! I really like Arika's aristocratic and mysterious feel. Her voice is beautiful, and whenever she's featured in Gothic Lolita Bibles she looks amazingly different in every single shoot! My favorite song at the moment is MEGALOPOLIS ALICE, and I love the lyrics to Narcissus Noir. She actually inspires me for some of my OCs and drawings.  

Fairy Kei Hair Slides and Pastel Goth Bracelet

Ahh sorry for the bad photos. It seems whenever I want to take photos it just so happens to be dark outside!

Anyway, I've been Decoden-ing again! I made some fairy kei-inspired hair slides (and they match my iPhone case too!)  and a Pastel-goth bracelet. I got the cross pendant and the tiny pink transparent beads from Afflecks in Manchester with Jasmine. :3

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lolita Print Themes I'd Love to see

Browsing through some lolita blogs recently, I've seen some interesting prompts for blog posts. One of them was about print themes, so I thought why not! :3

In lolita fashion there are dozens of themes in prints. Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, Forest animals etc. I'd love to see some of these themes created (if they don't already exist)!

1) Titanic. It's a really sad event that actually happened in the 20th century, and last year it hit it's 100th anniversary. I really love the Titanic movie, and Jack and Rose as a couple, so I thought this print would be perfect! Maybe in navy blues and purples. Alice and the Pirates could pull this off very well in my opinion.

 2) The Flowers from Alice in Wonderland. Sure, Alice in Wonderland has been done a million times, but have the talking flowers? I think it would make a really nice classic or slightly gothic theme. Also I'm currently in love with pansies.

3) Koitsukihime I absolutely adore Koitsukihime dolls! Both my favorite bands/singers (Malice Mizer and ALI PROJECT) have had album covers with these dolls on - so I think it would be amazing for a dress theme! Actually I think this might have already been done... I'm not sure.  

Monday, 18 March 2013

Black Butler Chapter 79

Some random thoughts on the recent chapter... Note form is so much easier lol ;D
- Hmmm I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to see what creature Sebastian was chasing. Here's a theory but you're probably not gonna like it; the thing/person that Sebby is chasing is Claude. Another demon. I saw this picture and thought that. I actually don't mind Alois, in fact I love him! XD I named one of my characters after him as well.

- The poster thing at the end reminds me of Harry Potter.

- Yana Toboso is really good at drawing realistic-looking things like owls and lions! I'm so jealous...

- When will this cricket end...? It's confusing.

- It made me laugh when Bard said about Ciel, 'His horrible personality is showing...' XD

- Bluer is really bad ass now! I really like his character. :) He reminds me of a mix of William T Spears and Ciel.

- Ciel with his hair over his eyes is creepy. I wonder if he's a psychopath or something...? I think I saw a post like that on Black Butler forums. For the record I agree.

- Is it just me or is the way Bluer strokes Ciel's hair kinda weird? XD He did that in a previous chapter as well. Also Ciel doesn't like being touched so he must be kinda distressed.

- Hopefully we'll find out who or what the principal is now that this cricket is over hopefully!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Glam! Exhibition

Nan Goldin's 'Kenny Putting on Makeup'
Recently I went to the Tate Gallery at the Albert Docks. My friend, Jasmine and I go every month to an art club there. It's really fun as you get to be with people who love art, and explore the current exhibitions in the gallery.

One of my favorite exhibitions was the Glam! The Performance of Style exhibition. I really liked this one particularly because I'm interested in vintage/retro eras, especially the 50s, 70s and 80s! Also the whole concepts of glamour, individuality, camp and androgyny fascinates me.

I love people that are unique, bold and not afraid to experiment with fashion - so really the 70s would be the era to live for me!

I've been around the exhibition about twice, and I think I could still go again and again.  

My favourite part of the gallery is the room with the glitter disco balls, retro music (David Bowie?) and strobe lights. It's very atmospheric! I also really like the photo by Nan Goldin to the right.

In the club that Jasmine and I go to, we get to talk about the art, and do some work inspired by bits and pieces of the gallery. This time we made masks and apron-clothes!

I made a collage of the stuff we did on Photoshop. Sorry for my bad photos (I used my iPhone). Also if anyone is featured in my photos and does not want to be on my website, I'll take it down. :) 

Chobits by CLAMP

Just some of my thoughts on the Chobits series... Not really a review or book report.

- Firstly, I love the omnibus version. The colour pages and additional illustrations are really nice to include, and the size of the book looks impressive on my book shelf too! XD

  - Chi is soooo cute! I love the way she could only say 'Chi' at first, but then progressed really quickly to full sentences.

- Hideki is a pervert. Need I say more? lol

- I REALLY want a persocom! It would be so amazing to have one!

- Chi's outfits are adorable (but slightly... umm inappropriate? Think lolita-esqe dress that reveals her panties lol). I like the way the landlady keeps giving her hand-me-downs.

- I feel bad for Yumi-chan who is always surrounded by persocoms, even though they make her really depressed.

- The additional illustrations are amazing. Does CLAMP use watercolors, acrylics, markers or what?

- The landlady's really mysterious in my opinion... I've watched the whole anime series (and I really need to catch up with the manga), and didn't she build Chi and Freya? I can't remember. And the manga that Chi reads... Didn't she write that too?

- When Minoru Kokubunji reveals that he build one of his persocoms to replace his dead sister I almost cried. :(

- Shinbo's tiny persocom, Sumomo, is adorable!

I really need to buy the second omnibus! XD

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pastel Pop Darlings

Here's my new drawing that I finished in about... a day. :D

I sketched the girls very quickly in my sketch book, scanned them in, adjusted the brightness/contrast, cropped, fixed the lineart, added the pixel-y background then coloured them in.
After that I added shadows to the skin and hearts and crosses to their clothes. Most of the colouring was on the same layer.

I'm quite pleased with it as I didn't rush too much, and I looked at real-life references for the clothes and colours. As a result I think I've gotten better at drawing shoes and hands!

This drawing was inspired by many of the street styles of Harajuku, Japan. I really like the school uniforms that Japanese schoolgirls wear. They're so much cuter than the uniform I have to wear to school lol! Fairy kei, pastel-goth and Cult party kei was also inspiring for this drawing. Someday I want to go to Japan to take photos of all the inspiring clothes that the people wear and create there!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring's Here And I'm Still Failing!

But I'm still drawing wintery-styled pictures. It's annoying. I always write down what I want to draw, but it seems to morph into something different every time.
I think it's my laziness - and also the fact that I always rush to finish what I'm drawing!
 Ok! So my goal for the rest of the year is to think about quality, not quantity! :D
I think this goes well with my starry BG!
This picture was meant to be a coloured sketch, but for some reason it turned into a fully coloured picture. I love doing sketches but I get really OCD about the line work! So it turned out actually quite neat. It was meant to be a pic of Aika in her Innocent World dress, but I felt like doing a shiro lolita instead. Oh yeah, and the 'sweet rain' part was inspired by this song by Y&CO. :)

It was my sister's birthday on the 2nd (she's 10!), and I had a really nice time, but I ended up in hospital again as I had something like a fit/seizure. Another example of me failing! Damn my stupid brain!

Also! I'm starting to draw my fancomic, Funhouse, again! (It's a fancomic/doujin of Stephen King's IT with the pairing Henry x Patrick. My favourite book.) I wanted to have a week off drawing in black and white - it get's dull after a while - but it turned into a two month break. Whhhyyyy? Why do I lose track of time in such a bad way???
Random pages

 Check out the rubbishness! XD You can read it at my website or at my Deviant Art account if you want to scar your eyeballs. :)