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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tangkou 50s Dress

Last night my mum helped me finish the dress I've been making for my Tangkou doll. And it's only taken us... a month. XD
A close up

Sorry for the bad photos. I think I might steal my Granddad's soon ;)

As Narcissa is a maid, I tried to incorporate that into the design along with an element of the 50s. It kinda failed though as the dress looks completely different from the design. I'm still really pleased with it as it does have a 50s vibe to it somehow! I think I actually prefer this design to the old one below.
old design is very cringey!
  To make the dress I just used a Pullip doll pattern and made it bigger to Tangkous measurements (they have bigger busts and wider torsos lol). It was fairly simple for a first try.

The materials I used were; a square of black fabric, a piece of white ribbon, heart-shaped white lace, a tiny belt buckle and some Velcro - all from Joanne's Fabric in Florida.


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