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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hyper Japan London 2013

Yesterday I went down to London to go see the Hyper Japan exhibit and it was amazing! I went with my siblings and parents and had such a nice time. I even dressed up all lolita-ry at seven in the morning hahaha! It took a few hours to get there and the tubes were kind of scary but apart from that it was really fun. And... now I'm exhausted!

As soon as I got there I found the Angelic Pretty stand and there were so many dresses I loved. My mum and dad, as a present for getting better (hey, it was promised back in November when I was really sick in hospital) bought me one! I'm so happy and I think I'll wear it literally every weekend until I die! XD  It's this one on the right to be exact, but in pink.…

I also got the Gothic and Lolita Bible volume 48 and I just love Mitsukazu Mihara's artwork. It even came with a free poster. :D

I had such a great day, and only one embarrassing thing happened besides my two year-old brother being frightened of these cosplayers... My dad somehow picked up a yaoi book and started reading it... and I was looking over his shoulder to see what he was looking at... And not only that, but it was a Black Butler fancomic, and he knows I love Black Butler and recognized Sebastian and Ciel. I hope he doesn't think that *ahem* happens in the original Black Butler manga otherwise he'll never let me read it again! I was so embarrassed! Especially seeing as Ciel's like, 12/13 and Sebastian's an adult! And my dad saw that! *dies sobbing grossly*

After looking round the whole of Hyper Japan we went to see the Thames river and Downing Street. Also, we went to St. James park and had ice cream. Later we went to an Italian restaurant and because I only had a sandwich for the whole day, I was so hungry when it came that I could actually eat a whole meal, which is a first for me!

Anyway, I had a really great day! <3

And here's the dress! And me in it.... I can never smile properly in photos XD
Hair ribbons: off brand
Blouse: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
JSK: (Whipped Showcase) Angelic Pretty
Socks (you can't see them, but): Secret Shop

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What I've been doing at school recently

During my school's lunch times I've been working on a Fashion project in the Art rooms instead of going to school after lunch. It's so much fun, and all thanks to my Art teacher! I'm so grateful she lets me sit in her form room during lunch times; both because I prefer to get on with work, and also because my own form room can be very scary at times! I'm going to be so sad when Mrs Dewhurst retires this summer. :( She was one of my favourite teachers in my school. Next year we're getting a new *male* teacher in our *all-girl* school. I hope he's nice. :) Hopefully I can do the same next year's lunchtimes.

Anyway, I was strongly inspired by 50s clothes as well as sweet lolita and sailor-inspired fashion. I wish I had all the clothes in these pictures!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Today was so funny!

This evening my town was having a summer fair and at it, there was this dog beauty competition. I entered my baby Indy and even gave him a bath before it! (which was a disaster!) He shook himself all over me AND went and sat on my bed afterwards. Thanks, Indy. I really love you for that. 

Well, anyway, at the dog show they had to walk around the arena I think about 50 times XD and Indy started drooling really heavily because of the heat! So that was slightly embarrassing, and not only that, but the judge (who had a microphone) was talking to my sister and she told everyone that my dog likes to eat socks. My two year-old brother was so hyper that he started yelling into the microphone that the judge should keep his socks inside the draw or Indy will eat them. THEN started running round the arena over and over about 30 times and doing somersaults whenever he passed the judge! There's something wrong with him, I swear!

We didn't win anything and I'm really not surprised, but I don't really care. I still think Indy's the prettiest dog I've ever seen!