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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Debonair Strolls in Town

Or perhaps not so debonair in my case... It's nerve-wracking being alone in such busy places, but I seemed to manage and only cursed the whole of humanity to damnation only once.

First of all, I went inside River Island and bought some really cute daisy earrings for 2 pounds – they remind me of Margaret and the blissful summer times spent with friends and previous crushes. That was the first time I purchased something on my own. 

Then I crossed to Lord Street and went straight into Beales, on a mission to find those beautiful crotchet gloves I saw once with my sister. I got my gloves and they’re lovely; they’re from Dents and seem rather elegant, in my opinion.The Dents website has many gorgeous ladies' gloves, and some gentleman's gloves that wouldn't look amiss on such a person as Bertie Wooster! (Okay, I admit it, I'm obsessed - again). 

In a daze I found myself inside Waterstones, and fairly quickly I looked and found some books about Jeeves and Wooster, even though they weren’t written by P.G. Wodehouse. These made me smile, and as I checked them out I saw that one of them was homage to the author, called Jeeves and the Wedding Bells by Sebastian Faulks – so I bought it! Many of the Jeeves books were recommended by the store workers in Southport, so I’m excited to read it. 

At the dinner table I was talking about the book I bought in town, and when I said it was called Jeeves and the Wedding Bells, mum asked if Jeeves was getting married; I said that I hoped not, as then he’d be away from Bertie, who’d be all alone and wouldn’t be able to cope – and then it would be just called 'Wooster', instead of 'Jeeves and Wooster'! 
Dad suggested that maybe it’s wedding bells for Jeeves and Wooster, as they’re getting married to each other – my heart flipped and I giggled, as that was what I was hoping about the book! I doubt it though, as those kinds of things only happen in fanfictions. It was funny though for dad to say that, as it means I’m not the only one in this house that sees the chemistry between them. 

Just a photo of my findings: 


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Creep Through the Graves

Yesterday I decided to take a brisk walk down to one of the large graveyards in my town. On that day I wore my Three Archangels OP, along with Baby socks, Victorian boots and a deep green velvet jacket - what else would be fitting for a graveyard!
Mainly because I need to get more used to going out alone, but also because I have had many dreams about that place - especially the derelict church - over the years.
In every dream I walk into that church and it's huge inside, carpeted with thick, plush red carpets as far as the eye can see. After stumbling down the longest corridor and flight of stairs imaginable, choking on the must all around, I come across a coffin with Count Dracula inside. Inside, it's rather like an odd museum for vampires.
Perhaps I was checking to see if that was true, haha. Unfortunately there was no possible way to get inside, as the windows and doors are all boarded up for some unknown reason, and the roof is apparently liable to crumble.

Here I've played around with the editing software on Photoshop to get more of a dramatic, dark mood into these pictures - fitting for a deadly silent graveyard.

I have been doing things...

I swear! Exams have kept me busy, but I've still managed to do these things in my spare time. I want to do a lot more sewing, writing and sketching - especially in the Jeeves and Wooster arena, as I'm becoming quite addicted to reading Jooster fanfictions (but nobody heard that, right).

A paisley tank top for my mum, and a decoden phone case for my sister!

 I love the silky contrast bias binding I found at John Lewis - a lot easier than trying to make your own bias binding.

Finally, I've found whipping cream to use! Surprisingly, I found it fairly quickly in Hobby Craft; they have plenty of decoden supplies there.

Also, I participated in the Hinako Takanaga 20th Anniversary debut gallery, with an old picture of mine that has darling Tomoe and Kurokawa getting married. You can see it here, as the second picture!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Black Butler Live-action Film

This film... was not what I was expecting. At all. Ciel was a girl, living in modern-day Japan as opposed to Victorian England - you can't get any more different than that! Still, I quite liked it for what it was, even if it was a stark difference to the Black Butler we all know and love.

In a way, it loosely follows the kidnapping plot of the first manga book, but with the twist of an evil drug called Necrosis (honest to God, does nobody these days have the sense to stay away from pills with the Latin word for 'death' in it!) that mummifies your body almost instantly.

The actress for Ciel was actually really good, and all the characters were almost spot on in portrayal, although Sebastian wasn't nearly as charming as he is in the manga and anime. It surprised me, but the costumes in this film didn't look like really cheap cosplay costumes! An effort was made to make Ciel look dapper and smart, with his/her cane and top hat. I'm really glad that they didn't stick those strange, eyeless glasses on Mey Rin this time also, as that would have made things even more fake.

There was even some romance between Ciel and Mey Rin, and Ciel and Sebastian, which came as a huge surprise. In my opinion though, I think the writers made Ciel female in this film to enable romance between him and Sebastian, which is very unfair, both for Yana Toboso - who made him and obviously supports same-sex things - and the fans of Black Butler. Not to mention, it really says a lot about the acceptance of gay men in this film!

To be frank, it's not the best film I've ever seen, yet I did admire some aspects of it, such as the styling of the characters, and the dark atmosphere which is perfect for Black Butler. I'm really on the fence for this film.

Lolita Questions and Answers

Screen-name and DOB, please tell me these~
My screen name is Milky Usagi (meaning White Rabbit in my mind), to represent the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland in an overly-Lolita way. My birthday is the 22nd October, 1998.

Height, weight, clothing size and shoe size. 
I'm 155cm tall - which is five foot one, I think - a UK size 12 in clothing, and I have size 3 and a half feet. I'm very small compared to a lot of people I know!

Why did you start to dress lolita?
I've always been very interested in history, especially British history, and love Classical literature, so I suppose I wanted to emulate those elegant ladies with full skirts and curls. I started dressing that way when I discovered it as an eleven year-old, though of course my wardrobe was very limited back then. As a whole, Lolita fashion is incredibly modest and classy compared to the modern-day trends, and as I've always been a very old-fashioned girl, it really appealed to me.

Which style of lolita do you like?
My favourite right now is definitely Classic Lolita, as it is much more versatile and grown-up than, say, Sweet Lolita. Though, I have been in a phase of wearing every style; I started out a Gothic Lolita (or a little bat baby, as some would say, haha) and fell in love with Sweet Lolita when I was thirteen/fourteen. 

Express in your own words, the ideal your above answer.
My ideal Classical Lolita girl is rather like my characters Aika Rowland and Margaret Baron in personality and looks - both are sweet girls unafraid to dream, and both have natural, innocent faces free from make-up and blemishes. Although they have no noble blood, they are like princesses in my mind, as they are beautiful and very kind. In my head, she would wear Innocent World and some Baby clothes and make it look like they were made for her. I think that Classical Lolita style should incorporate all the historical styles - from Georgian, to the Jazz Age, to the early 60s and 70s.

Do you have piercings? Where?
I only have my ears pierced, although I never really wear earrings for some reason. 

Which brands do you like?
The first brand I discovered was Innocent World in 2010, so it is coincidentally one of my favourites, too. Right now I could drool over their whole website, shamelessly. My other favourite is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, as not a day has gone by where I don't check their website for new items. I also own a few of their garments, and they're such wonderful quality and design that I fell in love! 

Which are your favourite clothes you wear?
Although I only received it recently, the Three Archangels Tiered OP by Innocent World is currently my favourite dress in my wardrobe. It's the style I've always been seeking! My first Lolita dress - Lovely Sweet Room by Baby - is also a precious piece for me.

How many lolita friends do you have?
I don't even have friends in the real world at the moment (or even internet friends), so it's a bit of a stretch to find Lolita friends... I'm rather alone, like Momoko from Kamikaze Girls. To be honest, I'm an introvert that prefers my own company as people are too difficult for me right now.

What do you love most about lolita?
I love the elegance and opulence of dressing that way in the mornings; putting on foundation pieces, beautiful dresses and accessories from my favourite stores... I also enjoy the collectors side of things, as I know that I shan't ever give away or sell any of my clothes, as they mean a lot to me.
What do you hate about it? Pet peeves??There are a couple of things; I hate the whole bitchiness of some parts of the internet, and the way a selection of people just love to set out to hurt other Lolitas through cyber bullying - that's the reason why I don't speak to other Lolitas through the internet, as there is this whole 'holier than thou' attitude amongst some girls. In my opinion, it goes against the whole attitude and aesthetics of Lolita, as although the clothes people wear don't dictate their personalities, I think it's important to be kind and treat others with courtesy, otherwise you'll put people off and give Lolitas a bad name. It doesn't really match up to the names of the fashion brands - Innocent World, Angelic Pretty - does it?
Also, I hate the way Japanese fashion brands like Baby only make one size of clothes, which is far too small to fit an everyday, standard European woman, like myself. It gives some girls a bad body image of themselves, when already there is a lot of pressure on people to be unnaturally slim.

Magazine you read?
The Gothic and Lolita Bible is my favourite magazine, as it's even better than flicking through internet pages and wishing my credit card would magically gain 30,000 yen, in my opinion. The older issues are my favourites, as I love the origins of Lolita, before prints dominated everything. 

Headdresses, bonnets or ribbons/katsushya?
Personally, I adore bonnets, but I don't have the confidence to wear them outside of my family's homes. So instead, I wear big and small ribbons instead, or sometimes nothing at all when I'm feeling lazy. It is my dream to own the Queen's Coach bonnet from Baby at some point, though!

Yes to Drawers/Bloomers?
Definitely! They are really comfortable and add some extra puff, so are always worth investing in. Plus, they're so easy to sew!

Do you tie headdresses at the front or at the back?
I tie them at the back usually, as having a lot of things dangling down around me or flapping about can feel very irritating. Though with bonnets, I tie them at the front and grin and bear it, as they are so gorgeous.

Who is your favourite band/type of music?
Malice Mizer is my first love in the world of music, as before that I was never really that inspired by any songs. I've loved them since my discovery of Lolita, and still do now, dearly. It would be a dream if they got the band back together and released even just one new song, but as they've been split since 2001, I doubt that it would happen. I also like Moi Dix Mois, but it doesn't have the same magic for me that Malice Mizer does.
Classical music is also a great favourite of mine (especially music by the composer George Frideric Handel), especially the operatic ones with the strong, fruity and angelic voices. But I also like some instrumental music from the 60s and 70s - Ennio Morricone in particular - with that dramatic, dreamy, surreal feel, jazz, and European elements included. French, German and Italian music are my favourites.

What is your phone ring tone~?
I don't even know, as nobody has called me before. It's probably a really standard, iPhone ringtone. If I could chose, it would be a Malice Mizer song, though. 

Do you go to concerts in lolita?
I don't go to concerts full-stop, although if I had to, there's no way I'd wear Lolita there. Some people can get overly drunk and rowdy, and I wouldn't want my clothes to get damaged.

What colours do you like?
My favourites are pink, black and purple, though I love the colour brown in Lolita. Some time I'd like to sew a cornflower blue dress, as I think that it's a colour that really suits me.

What are your hobbies?
I have a lot of hobbies, but my main ones are; writing stories (especially ones about Lolitas, and lesbians, or both - haha), drawing and sketching, sewing things, poetry, and reading Classical books. I also have a passion for learning languages - French is one of my best subjects.
If you have any favourite perfumes, please tell us.
I don't wear perfume, as the smells are too strong for me (I'm a girl with Asperger's Syndrome, which also gives me hypersensitivity that makes it hard for me to do certain things). Sometime I'd like to overcome that barrier and wear some rose water, as apparently that is mild enough. The idea of rose therapy is very romantic, sounding, especially in articles like this.

Is there anything you are careful of in lolita?
I'm careful of avoiding unwanted attention whilst wearing it, though for a young lady these days, you can get that no matter what you wear - even in my ugly green school uniform, I find! I don't want people to think that I wear these clothes to grab attention and attraction from people, as I wear these clothes for myself, not for men (or women, in my case).

Do you have any favourite haunts to go to in lolita?
Not really, but I try to wear it whenever I go to big cities (like Manchester and Liverpool), as there are plenty of alternative people there. I also love wearing it for going to Afternoon tea cafés, and some day I plan on wearing it for a nice promenade around my favourite park, the Botanical Gardens.  

How many times a week do you dress lolita?
At the moment, I don't wear it at all, as it's exams at school and everything is so busy, busy, busy. Outside of school, most of what I do is revision for hours on end, so I don't really want to wear my best clothes for that. But when I go to college, I plan on wearing it almost every day, along with some vintage-styled dresses; I can't wait to express myself through my clothes!
Please tell us an embarrassing story when you were a beginner in lolita.
I'm quite a rash person, and once I discovered Lolita, I literally wanted it that second. So I used to dig through mine and my mother's clothes to try and find something that somewhat resembled it. My grandmother had sewn me a black skirt that wasn't really Lolita, but was frilly and lacy, just with the wrong silhouette and length - I used to wear it with a blouse I bought from a handmade Lolita boutique in Manchester, and thought at the time that I was a perfect Lolita girl. Though if I had met any Lolitas at that time, they would have walked away with 'what an ita!' stuck in their minds. Apart from that, I haven't really had any more fashion faux pas.
Your current hairstyle and colour.
I have always had blonde hair that I'm proud of as my favourite feature, as some girls have said to me in the past that I have hair like a doll (the perfect compliment for a Lolita girl!). Right now my hair is slightly below my jaw in a bob-like style with a fringe. It looks kind of cute and 60s-like sometimes, but most of the time it's like a lion's mane when I've been in the wind or stressed at school. To be honest, cutting my hair was a mistake, as short hair is quite high maintenance - and I just don't have time for that.
What is your lolita history?
I got into the style when I just joined high school at eleven years old, and that was it - I haven't stopped loving it since, much to my mother's exasperation. I've found a style that really represents me and my loves.

Do you store your clothes in a special place?
Only in my wardrobe - though, I do have a special section for my Lolita clothes: what I like to call my 'Princess section', as opposed to my 'plebeian section' (normal clothes and school uniform).

Did you ever think about stopping Lolita? What was the reason?
Not really, though at one point I had gained weight due to some stupid medication that I didn't even need, and couldn't wear certain clothes because of it. I didn't want to stop wearing them, but frankly they just wouldn't fit over my bust without me worrying about hearing a tearing noise at some point!

What is your motto?
This sounds stupid, but I always say to myself 'be kind and polite to everybody, no matter what', even when people are rude to me. It's a bit like how Christians say 'love thy neighbor', but as I'm not religious I don't think I could use that, really. I am human, however, and like everybody I have those days where I explode and think, 'to hell with being Mrs Nice Guy!' - but I try as much as I can to see good things in everyone.

Your dreams of the Future?
It is my dream to have jobs that incorporate my loves and hobbies into them; I really want to become a costume designer for films and theater productions with historical settings, as well as a self-published author of the books I'm writing. As for the immediate future, I'd love to get a little shih tzu called René!

"This person is so perfect for lolita!" - Do you ever think that about certain celebrities?
Erm, not really any celebrities as such, but some people I knew at school would look really cute in Lolita style. Most celebrities are too sexualised to have the right image for the style.
Any products/items you have with a fond memory?
I love my Shirring Princess JSK from Baby, as my dad and I walked around Paris together to find the store, and he very kindly bought it for me. It was a very special day and whenever I see the dress it reminds me of trips to France!
What was your first item?
My first Lolita item was a blouse and dress that I bought at the same time, from a small boutique at Afflecks, Manchester. They are rather Classic in style, now I think about it - the dress had a boat neck style and an A-line skirt - but at the time I was really into Gothic Lolita. I don't wear them now, as I no longer have the body of an eleven year-old child, but also because the materials and lace used weren't very high-quality; when I first washed the blouse, it faded to dirty grey and came out all bobbly. As for my first brand item, it was a JSK from the Lovely Sweet Room series by Baby, in the black colour-way. I still adore that dress now!

Have you got a pose for photos?
I hate having my photo taken, so no. Though, I do have this strange expression that makes me look although I've just sat on a hedgehog.

What is your heart's bible? [book/magazine/CD/etc]
I have quite a few, although the Gothic and Lolita Bible volume 41 is my favourite, as it's the first one I bought. I also love to flick through a beautiful volume of Alice in Wonderland, that I got from America a few years ago, and listen to the happier Malice Mizer songs, such as Au Revoir, Ma Chérie, and Après Midi.

What is the best cm for heels?
I would say, about 4cm. Heels that are too high are hard to walk in, in my opinion.

Do you wear tiaras?
I couldn't wear one without feeling silly, to be honest. Maybe one day, when I'm queen...

Do you think you want to try prince style? What kind of prince? Ankoku-kei [Gothic/dark prince]? Or "prince on a white horse" style?
A boyish style wouldn't suit me, as I have a very feminine figure and short stature. I've thought about it before (especially taking influence from Black Butler characters), but always thought it wouldn't be for me. Girls who dress that way look really cute though! I just don't think I could pull it off. 

What types of lace do you like?
All kinds! I really like the intricate chemical lace that comes on dresses from Baby and Innocent World; the ones used on the hems of Three Archangels and Lovely Sweet Room. For summer I really like a light, breezy broiderie anglaise style lace, as long as it is high-quality enough - cheap lace can make a dress look tacky in most cases.

Do you own a doll? Does it give you fun, childish feelings?
I have seven dolls; three Pullips, two Isuls, and two Tangkou dolls.They're all so uniquely dressed and elegant, especially my Aika (Pullip Tiphona). They do give me pleasant emotions when I look at them and buy accessories for them, as I have wanted a Pullip for years and finally got one a couple of years ago - and then my collection grew!

What is in your lolita bag?
A clock-face purse, my glasses case, a comb, tissues, lip-balm, chewing gum, a heck of a lot of medicines (paracetamol, allergy tablets, etc in case somebody needs some), and sometimes a bit of lipstick and mascara. My iPhone lives in there also.

What is your favourite flower?
Pansies, as they are so delicate and have bright jewel colours - not to mention, they remind me of Alice in Wonderland.

Right now, what is your favourite accessory?
I have bought a hairpiece that is like a long, curled ponytail to clip onto my very short hair. I wear it with Lolita to give the illusion that I have long, princess-like curls.

Please recommend us some cosmetics.
I don't wear much makeup, but I think that Clinique has some excellent mascaras that don't irritate sensitive eyes. Also, those eyeshadows that come in soft pencils are really nice - I especially like warm colours, such as browns, oranges, golds and peaches.

With Eye-tape your eyes look like a Doll's! What eyelashes will you wear?
If I had to wear fake eyelashes, I would have 'half' ones that you can stick on the outside corner of your eyes, for a more natural appearance. They would be quite long and thick, a bit like some of the eyes I draw in my illustrations.

Your eyemakeup for these eyelashes?
Warm, neutral shades like medium brown and peach-pink. I'd also like a cat-eye wing effect with liquid eyeliner, that is quite popular in vintage trends.

Red Lipstick? Blue? Black? Pink?
I'd have a dusty-rose shade of lipstick, that is matte but lasts a long time. But if I had orange-shaded eyelids, I'd probably have similar shades for cheeks and lips.

Or which nail polish do you choose normally?
I'd wear a clear nail polish with a French nails effect, as they're quite understated but glamorous.

Have you ever changed in a train station bathroom?
I'm pleased to say that I haven't, thankfully!

What do you think of 'twinning' and 'triplet' lolitas?
It's cute, but I think it gives 'outsiders' even more to stare at, and perhaps get weird thoughts about the subculture. I wouldn't twin, but I would go out with someone else that wears Lolita. Twinning is for young children that are actually twins, otherwise it could raise a few eyebrows.

How do you keep in shape for lolita? Recommend us something.
I walk my dogs every evening, but apart from that I'm really unfit.

Do you keep calm when by yourself in Lolita?
I haven't been by myself, to be honest, but I suppose I would be able to. Soon I plan on going out alone, and I could pretty much just ignore other people by listening to music.

How much do you spend per month on clothes/accessories?
I don't shop every month (who has money for that!?) and I don't buy new clothes very often.

Was there a time lag between you knowing about Lolita and dressing?
Probably only by about a week, haha. I said before that I'm very rash, and when I see something I want (within reason), I find a way to get it at some point.

What is your most expensive Lolita item?
I think it may be the Three Archangels OP that I bought recently from Innocent World; the shipping costs elevated its price dramatically.

It takes a lot of money to do Lolita. How do you save?
I don't really buy much, apart from a few books and films every now and again, so I do manage to save up my pocket money quite successfully. There's not much else I want besides Pullip dolls and Lolita dresses, so I don't ever really have the urge to go out shopping as everything is on the internet. If there was a Baby store in Southport, it would be a whole different story! Also, I get Lolita clothes and accessories from my parents and family members as presents for special occasions.

Just a little secret here...How much have you spent so far on Lolita, roughly?
I'm not really happy to share that, as it's rather embarrassing and makes me seem like a spoiled brat. I don't even know, but it's more than 500 pounds, I think. Though, I have been in Lolita for a long time, so it's not like I splash out on a new brand dress every month. I also treasure them and plan on keeping them forever, even just to display in my room - so it's well worth the money.
Is there a Brand you want near where you live?
Yeeeesss! I often have fantasies about a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright magically appearing one day in this huge retail park that has an empty lot in my town. It would be a dream come true, and I don't think that the store workers could get me out from drooling over everything, even if they called the police! I do really think that we need some Lolita brand stores in England (preferably in Southport, where I live!).

"Man, what a rip-off!!" Have you ever thought that about a store?
Not really about Lolita, as the clothes are so well-made and stunning that they're worth the price tag. However, I often think that about ordinary stores and restaurants in England, as prices are rather high here.

Do you shop online? If so, put the good & bad points here to advise others.
Only for a couple of things, yes. The good thing is that Japanese brands are usually very polite and fast to ship, but the worst thing is the massive customs fees that you get! I always think, 'it's a dress in that parcel, not a lethal weapon!'.

You can say if you want, but is there a Secret person/shop that you have ordered a dress solely for you from? [I guess commissioned/replicated]
I once had an order from Dream of Lolita, as I really wanted the Wonder Cookie JSK and Vampire Requiem long JSK, but they were either not available, or a price that would bankrupt me. The Wonder Cookie JSK was fantastic (well, as fantastic as cheap replicas go) and I still wear it nowadays, however, the style of the VR JSK didn't suit me at all, and I got my mum to alter it into a skirt for me.

"I can never have that/see that happening!! But I will always want it!!" Is there a brand you think this of?
Moi Meme Moitie, Victorian Maiden, and a lot of older Innocent World pieces, as well as many, many dresses from Baby and Alice and the Pirates. My first dream dress was the Star Chiffon JSK from Alice and the Pirates; it was in the navy colour way, and I dreamed of wearing it to a Christmas party that a girl invited me to in Year 7. I also drew myself in it lots, with a friend/crush that I liked a lot at the time in another Lolita dress I wanted. The Queen's Coach series by Alice and the Pirates, and a Josephine skirt from Innocent World were also very coveted items, and still are!

What do you do with the clothes you don't want anymore?
Nothing, I just keep them in my wardrobe. I still love every piece, even if they're not my style any more (like really Sweet pieces).

What is your most recent purchase? [Even non-lolita]
I recently bought two books from a charity store; The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro, and Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. 

Is there an item which you love that you can't buy/seem to find?
I love the old-school pieces, like the dresses Momoko wears in Kamikaze Girls. Though they are like collector's items, I suppose, so they'd be hard to find.

What do you think of people who only wear lolita to concerts?
They can wear whatever they like to concerts - I don't mind - but I think they should be wary of stains and damages to the clothes.

What do you think of lolitas without makeup?
I think they're still beautiful and elegant, even without caking themselves in makeup. I don't wear much makeup myself - both because I have sensitive eyes, hate the feeling of it on my skin, and think that it suits the aesthetic of a fresh, innocent girl more.

Another lolita is wearing the same coordinate/clothes as you!! What do you do?
I really wouldn't care, but as I said above with twinning, I'd make sure there is some distance between us if we're out in public, haha. On the other hand, I'd probably go up to the person and compliment them on their outfit, saying 'oh my gosh, where did you get that from? I love it!', as a joke.

What age should you stop Lolita?
Never, if it makes you happy! I think I'll still be admiring Lolita and collecting things when I'm 80 - but by that time I think I'd be a crazy old Goth lady, with a hundred dogs, haha.

When do you think you should graduate from Lolita? And why?
I personally won't, but if the Lolita community and dressing that way becomes a chore - or if you just don't fancy frills any more - that's when you should 'graduate'.

"You should stop that!!!>_<;" What must you not do when dressing lolita?
I can't really think of anything in specific, just don't be doing bad or immoral things that would give people a negative impression of other Lolitas. Just general things, like don't take drugs, or become overly drunk and disorderly.

A lolita should be 'this'! What do you think that should be?
I think an ideal Lolita should be sweet and polite to everyone, as well as elegant and creative. 

Excluding #73, is there anything you should definitely not do in lolita?
Swear, be too loud or aggressive, hurt people, be catty... the list goes on.

What do you think of men in Lolita?
I think that anybody can wear the clothes they love, regardless of gender, race, height, weight... etc. If people are horrible to cross-dressers about their decisions, then I think it's very unfair and quite frankly ridiculous; there are some really wonderful male Lolitas out there, such as Mana-sama, for example! He was a beauty icon for me at one point!

Did you change yourself for dressing lolita?
Not really - I've always thought that Lolita style has suited me.

What does your family and surrounding people think of you dressing lolita? And do you accept it?
There are mixed reactions. Of course, my family are nice about the clothes I wear, but in some co-ordinates they tell me to take certain things off for going out in public, and my mum can frown a bit when I look at clothes online (perhaps because of the cost, and my obsession). I have a happy memory of when I first discovered Lolita, and was showing my grandmother the Innocent World and Baby websites; she actually said 'that's very sweet - certainly different from what young people wear today' about a model in a pink dress and bonnet from Baby, and even offered to buy me the Josephine skirt from IW! That was, naturally, before we converted the price from yen to pounds, and realised it was a lot more expensive that I first anticipated.

How do you dress Lolita in the boiling mid-summer?
Sometimes I forget about all the excessive underpinnings and just wear a JSK with a cardigan, but mostly I'm okay, as it doesn't really get hot where I live.

Have you gone to School or Work in lolita?
I once went to school in a very casual kuro Lolita co-ordinate. Even without the petticoats and frills, some strangers thought it would be appropriate to tell me that I looked weird. I didn't care though, as they were dressed like chavs themselves. I have also worn Lolita to my friends' parties in the past, as generally they are accepting of alternative styles and tell me I look cute!

How do you dress normally?
I always wear skirts and dresses as much as I can, as I hate trousers and jeans. I have a very girly style.

Do you think twice about buying second-hand clothes?
Only sometimes, if there is some obvious damages. But if it's a dream dress, I would go for it!

Do you have a boyfriend? [or husband?] Does he understand Lolita?

Please tell us your ideal man.
I don't have an ideal 'man' as I'm a lesbian, so I'll talk about my ideal woman instead.  I know this is stereotyping, but I really think slightly 'butch' women are attractive, such as Ruby Rose (who is going to play a character in the new series of Orange is the New Black), Sue Perkins, and some girls I've seen at school. Short, interesting hair styles, natural appearances, and tattoos in some cases, are quite hot, in my opinion. It's not just butch girls though, as I have fancied some quite medium-ground/futch and slightly girly girls in the past. I quite like the rockabilly look on other girls, too. As for personality, I would say somebody exactly like my character Cherry, who is funny, bold, adventurous, and always telling jokes.

What Lolita has left a big, shiny impression on you so far?
I admire the style of Sapphira doll/Elegant Poupée so far, and I also like the style that Candy Violet creates, as well as a Tumblr user called Amy (last time I checked, which was ages ago, she was called HuffiePuffie Bear, or something like that).

Have you made your own clothes? What are they like?
I've made a few clothes items in the past, and I plan to make many more in the future. Mostly they are made of whatever I can get my hands on, but I try to make them as Lolita-styled as possible.

Have you made your own accessories? What did you make?
In my Sweet Lolita days, I made a headdress to match a JSK I made - it had stripes and roses on, and I bought 6 meters of the fabric from Joanne's Fabrics when I went to Florida one time. I have also made a decoden phone case with Disney elements on and macaroons.
The best item you have made! What is it?I'm not exactly the best seamstress right now, but I think that the Evangeline's Summer dress that I made a few months ago is somewhat decent. Right now it's having some alterations done as it doesn't fit me so well now, since I've lost some weight.

Please say your most perfect Lolita coordination you wear.
I like to keep things simple, so I think that my Archangel OP goes well with my brown Baby socks that I purchased from Paris.

Do you admire someone? What are they like?
Right now, I don't really like people much, so I can't say anything based on personalities. But there is this one girl called Marlin that sits next to me in some exams - she is very attractive.

One day I will go on a date with that person. What would you like to wear for him?
I think a rockabilly style on girls looks very cute, so I'd like her to wear a 50s inspired leather jacket or a swing dress - or even a suit, haha - so we can get milkshakes like an adorable 50s couple.

If you want one, what type of store would you open in the future?
It would be very glamorous to open my own fashion house, and I'd like it to have vintage, antique and Lolita styles there. But in the meantime, I really want my dad to open his Round Table Games store, as he needs something to enjoy and make money from.

Your eyes get attracted inadvertently to something. What is this motif?Probably some flowers - I really like floral prints on fabrics.

Would you dress your child in Lolita?
Of course! That would be so cute.

How much do you spend on one outfit?
I honestly don't know, as I buy things over the years, rather than all at once.

"This is Lolita!!" Please say what you would say this about.
Girls in frilly, lacy dresses, carrying parasols and taking a stroll in a romantic rose garden.

"I have always wanted to try that once!" What, in the Lolita world, have you wanted to try wearing?
I want to try a really fancy, Rococo-esque OP with chiffon princess sleeves, a cornflower blue colour, and plenty of bows on the bodice. I'd love to have my hair in ringlets!

Look at you in Lolita. In one word/phrase, how would you express your style/image?
Girly and classy! (I hope)

What is your ideal of Lolita?
Somebody unique, elegant, poised and creative. In my mind she'd be confident and unafraid to show off her frills.
Thank you for taking this Baton!! Please state your thoughts on it!
I think it was very thorough and made me think more about my personal tastes. It's also very Japanese by only including an option for a dream man, rather than a 'dream partner' for those that aren't all straight girls. Apart from that, I liked it.