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Monday, 17 December 2012

Summary of Art 2012

I feel I've improved quite a bit since January.

Anyway this was a really good year for me! I've really enjoyed drawing everything! :D

Umm, I drew a lot in the months May, June and July so it was hard finding just one picture.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

If you're anything like me, and the winter season gets you down, follow these steps and stay happy! :D

1) Listen to up beat and happy music! Nothing makes me more depressed than listening to whiny emo teenager music! ;D But if that's what floats your boat, then do it. My favorite music at the moment is sugary Eurobeat and J-pop - as it reminds me of much happier times.

2) Be sure to wrap up warmly. Look for cute gloves, scarfs and hats to protect from harsh climates. Wooly hats with animal faces have always been popular.

3) Spend time with friends and family. It really helps just to have fun with the ones you love to be honest! You can go out playing in the snow (if it snows in your area) or just having a girls night in watching a movie with mugs of hot chocolate.
My OCs <3

4) Retail Therapy! Or window shopping if you have no money like me! XD Don't go too overboard, but buy yourself something nice...

 5) Read books and comics that you like. At the moment I'm re-reading Hinako Takanaga's Challengers for the fourth time! <3 I have a friend that's reading all the Harry Potter books at the same time, for probably the 14th time in her life! One in each room of her house, I think... ;3

6) Get yourself into the Christmas spirit. Go buy a new Christmas tree if your old one's looking a little scrawny, or go gift shopping for loved ones. Listen to fun Christmas songs whilst you put decorations on the tree and try making home-made treats for friends. It's the thought that counts, really.

7) Find a good comedy to watch on TV! At the moment I find Miranda absolutely hilarious!! Austin Powers always goes down well too. XD

8) Search Tumblr and other picture/media websites for inspiring pictures of winter. I'm more of a summer kind of person, but looking at cute pastel pictures of winter and snow makes me feel better about the whole freezing to death-ness.

9) Make some Christmas cards with either shop-bought supplies or bits and pieces you find around the home.

10) Just smile! :)


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ball Jointed Dolls

These dolls are sooo beautiful! If I had the money I would buy a whole army of BJ Dolls, but I don't so hehehe... ^^
I think I might try and make one when I have the time. Reading lots of internet tutorials is very inspiring, I just wish I had the skill lol.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Pullip Doll Tiphona

Yesterday my first Pullip doll, Tiphona, arrived from America!


 She's just so beautiful! I would recommend Tiphona to any doll lover, as her hair is so soft and her face up so gentle.
She's wearing clothes and accessories designed by Japanese lolita brand, Innocent World. The clothes are of immaculate quality with so much detail! If I had enough money, I would buy the human-sized version, even though I'm more of a sweet and gothic lolita rather than classic. The doll came with tiny shoes, a gorgeous headband and a really cute headband.

Her eyes can change direction rather than colour. The colour of her eyes look really natural.

I'm calling her Aika Takanaga after my favourite OC. 
 They look kind of alike, I suppose! :)
Aika (on the right)

 Aika is from the 50s, and she loves drawing comics and singing. She is half Japanese, half French, but lives with her rich and famous father and two elder brothers in Maine.
Her star sign is Gemini and she was born on the 26th May, 1945 (13-14 years old).
She is quiet, bubbly, friendly, fashionable and artistic. Aika likes spending time with her friend, Cherry Misaki.

Monday, 26 November 2012

The Shining by Stephen King

I've had a lot of time to read lately, and I finished the Shining by Stephen King a few days ago. I really loved it, however I watched the film before reading the book, and that spoilt things a little.
The Shining is about a family of three moving into a hotel in the mountains for the winter, as the father, Jack, has just got a new job there as a caretaker.
There is a little boy named Danny, who has an imaginary friend called Tony. I think he could have been Schizophrenic, but I'm not sure. He definitely has a sixth sense, which he and Halloran call 'the shine'.  His mother, Wendy, is pretty normal but she can never pluck up the courage to divorce Jack. I liked her though because she was very defensive of Danny. Jack is a alcoholic who really can't hold down a job! He got fired from his old job as a university professor because he abused one of the students. When Danny was younger, he broke his arm as a hot-headed punishment for spilling his papers. Jack is also trying to get his literature out there as he is a play-writer. However he can't do that either.
Whilst staying in the Overlook Hotel in the mountains, all is well until Jack gets frustrated and learns of the gory history that the Overlook had. Meanwhile, Danny is having visions of the hotels 'residents', such as the dead woman in room 217 and the dead twin girls. Slowly over time, tension builds between the family and Jack begins to reflect on his childhood - where his own father had been a drunkard and a abusive person - and begin to sympathise with his father's volatile actions.
He takes it upon himself to carry out punishments on his family. This includes hunting them down and beating them to death with a Roque mallet... Obviously there is a big fight and Wendy and Danny only just manage to escape with Halloran's help.
The plot overall was really creepy! And the ending of the book was just so sweet!

Tangkou Doll Vampire

Here's my Tangkou doll Vampire - I received her whilst I was sick in hospital.

Her wig is very long and could get tangled if you don't brush it every now and again. Her makeup is gothic, and I just love her little fangs! Vampire's eyes can change, just like other Tangkou dolls, but I think only the dark grey eyes suit her. That's just my opinion though. Overall, I love her! 

I'm calling her Garnet, after one of my favorite Malice Mizer PVs.

Garnet was born in Tokyo in 1983. She is age 19 and her birthday is the 18th November. Her star sign is Scorpio.
Garnet is shy, quiet, intelligent and mysterious. She's a Harajuku girl that sews her own clothes and loves Malice Mizer. Her hobbies include poetry, reading, sewing and taking photos at Harajuku.

Friday, 23 November 2012

IT by Stephen King

I just finished Stephen King's IT whilst I was on holiday in America.

IT is about a child-eating clown living in the sewers of a town called Derry in Maine. Derry has a very violent past, as we find out in Mike Hanlon's diary entries.
A group of school children; Bill (the leader), Eddie, Ben, Stan, Richie, Mike and Beverly set out to kill Pennywise as revenge for murdering Bill's younger brother, Georgie. These children are called the Losers as they see themselves as having flaws that make them uncool... I don't think they're that bad, as I have a stutter and I don't get bullied or anything...
As well as being a creepy-ass clown, Pennywise can transform into your very living nightmare! Say if you had a phobia of a certain horror film such as Frankenstein or something, he could morph into Frankenstein, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula etc.
The Losers have to juggle a bully named Henry Bowers - who seems to have gone completely psycho during the summer - and his gang of friends. Henry Bowers is interesting as whenever the Losers don't have Pennywise to take care of, he always seems to show up with sadistic intentions.  He has a crazy abusive father that isn't choosy as to whom he abuses. The thing I found sad was that Henry seemed to achieve his father's love through being just racist/sexist/anti-Semite/homophobic as he is. Maybe if Butch Bowers had been a good, caring father then Henry could have been normal and maybe even a nice person...
One of Henry's friends is a twelve year-old boy named Patrick Hockstetter. He is one disturbing kid! When he was five, he murdered his baby brother, and found great pleasure in doing so! Thriving on that joy, he became a fully-fledged psychopath and started killing as a sick kind of hobby. Starting out impaling beetles and squishing flies, he then moved on to suffocating cats and dogs in this refrigerator, left abandoned in a dump.
The thing I found amusing was the part where there was a gay sex scene between Patrick and Henry. Henry is a very homophobic, sexist and racist boy - so I found it odd that he let Patrick do that to him! I ship this anyway! XD  
I really loved it as it was set in 1958 (my favorite era!) and all the characters were interesting in their different ways! I even liked Pennywise despite all the nightmares I've had about her. *shudders*

Saturday, 10 November 2012

My Lolita Art

Here are some examples of my art. They're also on my Deviant art and my comic website. My comic website is down at the moment but I'm hoping to rebuild it soon!

Doll Collection

My collection's very, very small but I hope to expand it someday.
Anyway, here's my Tangkou Narcissa and my Victorian-looking doll that's actually from 1988! She's called Elizabeth - my sister named her.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Tangkou Doll England

Here is my Tangkou doll that I received for my 14th birthday in Orlando, Florida. :)
She is the model England but I'm naming her Narcissa, or Cissy for short!

Tangkou dolls are like a hybrid of Blythes and Pullips. Someday I wish to get a Pullip doll to add to my collection. Pullip Tiphona maybe if she comes back into stock! :(
I really like the eye changing function - and the sleepy eyes are really adorable! The silver/clear eye colour is my favorite. Her stock outfit is sweet and made of good quality. I especially like her bloomers.

Narcissa was born in New York in 1942 and she is 16.5 years old. Her star sign is Libra and her dob is the 28th October. She has no family but is currently working as a maid and chef for a rich family living in Maine. Narcissa owns a black cat and likes; fashion, gossiping and cooking delicious food. Her dislikes are; too much mess and rats! She is elegant, sassy, sociable, upbeat, slightly lazy and cool. Tags - 'sure thing!'/'whatever'/ 'can't I do that later?!'.