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Monday, 26 November 2012

Tangkou Doll Vampire

Here's my Tangkou doll Vampire - I received her whilst I was sick in hospital.

Her wig is very long and could get tangled if you don't brush it every now and again. Her makeup is gothic, and I just love her little fangs! Vampire's eyes can change, just like other Tangkou dolls, but I think only the dark grey eyes suit her. That's just my opinion though. Overall, I love her! 

I'm calling her Garnet, after one of my favorite Malice Mizer PVs.

Garnet was born in Tokyo in 1983. She is age 19 and her birthday is the 18th November. Her star sign is Scorpio.
Garnet is shy, quiet, intelligent and mysterious. She's a Harajuku girl that sews her own clothes and loves Malice Mizer. Her hobbies include poetry, reading, sewing and taking photos at Harajuku.

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