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My Stories

Funhouse and the Summertime Blues, Going soft, The Replacement

Type: Fanfiction

Status: Finished

About: Funhouse and the Summertime Blues, Going Soft, and The Replacement are fanfictions about Stephen King's It. They take place in the summer of 1958 in Derry, Maine. I based it on the characters Patrick Hockstetter, Henry Bowers, and the Losers; then later on, it was based on minor characters Eddie Corcoran and Veronica Grogan, victims of Pennywise. Funhouse contains slash and all of the stories contain horror and violence. If you don't like clowns, don't read it! After Funhouse and the Summertime Blues are various oneshots about the characters involved. Some oneshots are still ongoing, and I'll submit them soon, but the main story is complete.

When the Summer Ends

Type: Original

Status: Ongoing

About:  A story set in the 1950s about racism, feminism and two friends. Uses the characters Aika Takanaga/Rowland and Cherry Knox.

Ghost Under the Umbrella

Type: Original

Status: Uncertain

About:  Set in Japan, this story is about a 16 year old girl called Amaya and her losing grip of reality.

Even the Sweetest Roses Have Thorns

Type: Fanfiction

Status: Finished

About: Pairing is Maurice Cole x Edgar Redmond from the Weston College arc of Black Butler. Basically if things in the art room didn't get so violent so fast, then maybe Maurice could have had Edgar's sympathies?

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