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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Quarry Bank Mill

Today I went to Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire with my family. I'd actually been here before, for a school trip a few years ago, and I really loved it! I have some great memories at the National Trust.

Right away I noticed this robe à la française (or sack-back gown) in the gift shop, as the colour and my passion for historical garments made it leap out at me! It was so wonderful that I couldn't help but stare at it for a while, and touch the fabrics to see how it was put together. Really, I just wanted it. And the fabric was actually traditionally spun at the mill, making it all the more unique and special. A lot of work must have gone into it. 
They had bundles of the red toile for sale - which, coincidentally has a very similar print to my lovely wallpaper at home - but it was very expensive for a tiny amount, so I could only dream of the things I could have made with it! Perhaps a Lolita version of the sack-back gown? 

One of the bundles with a singer sewing machine.
The mill itself.
 The building was so big and full of all sorts of machinery from the Industrial Revolution, that I found it really fascinating. History fans will love it here! Unfortunately we did not get to see the other parts of Quarry Bank Mill, as it was raining and my brother was particularly moan-y at this point.

There was also some great parts for those interested in textiles, as a very nice lady did demonstrations of some traditional looms, such as the spindle and spinning Jenny.

The mill owner's wife, Hannah Greg.
 I think the lady in this portrait has really gentle brown eyes and lovely curls, so I couldn't help but quickly snap this photo! Apologies for how off-centre it is.

Family members of the mill.
It's a Georgian rock band! Lute solo! (or whatever instrument that is; I'm really not a musical person).  These dresses are surprisingly low cut, I find - especially before the modesty of the 1800s. Nevertheless, the blue silk dress with princess sleeves is gorgeous.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Elizabeth Rose Skirt

Finally, it is done! This skirt took absolutely ages, but I can't help but think it was worth it when I've seen these photos. It's a part of my Textiles coursework for school, and as Textiles is my favourite lesson it was a labour of love.

I made the design quite a while ago, yet it has changed a bit from the original look. For a start, I got rid of the ribbons on the front of the skirt and added a huge bow at the back. Not to mention, I changed the fabric a few times; I wanted chiffon, but as that was not available I settled for polyester taffeta instead, which I think works quite well. It gives it an interesting texture in my humble opinion. 


The brief was Japanese Street Fashion (lucky me!) so I got my Lolita brain on and immediately thought of a Classic Lolita design, as these days the allure of Sweet Lolita isn't so great. Hopefully the monotone gray rose fabric I chose embodies this sub-style; it was inexpensive and came from IKEA, which is great for school and so easy to sew with.

As for the pattern, that was drafted by yours truly and made up along the way, as I can't follow pattern instructions to save my life.

Although it's quite long on me, I'll look forward to wearing it sometime next year, as the school will take it away from me to be moderated.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My Wardrobe So Far III


 October Disney Earrings - Disney
I bought these in Disneyland Paris, to match the necklace I bought a couple of years ago. They're really cute and go with a lot of my outfits.

My Wardrobe So Far II


Brown Lace knee socks - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Another buy from the Paris store. On the back is the word 'Baby' in swirling, glittery brown writing. They're really cute and I can coordinate them with literally every Lolita outfit.

Monday, 16 March 2015

My Wardrobe So Far

Seeing as Poupee is closing soon, I may as well post my vintage and Lolita clothes here instead. Although there is a petition out there that I signed to keep the website up, I doubt it will do much good - Japanese companies are often very strict in what they decide on.


Lovely Sweet Room JSK - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
My first and favourite jumperskirt and piece of brand! I bought this from the British eBay for a bargain of 70 pounds!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Poupee Girl to Close Soon

I've heard the news that PoupeeGirl is ending soon, which is quite sad seeing as they didn't give a reason for it; many people have invested a lot of time and money on this game, not to mention that they've made a lot of friends over there! PoupeeGirl should have at least explained its reasoning, but then again it has been gradually shutting down all its features over the past few years...

I've taken a screenshot just for the memories.

By the way, I am working on my personal projects (Evangeline's Summer Dress design, sketches in my moleskin, poems, When the Summer Ends and a few sewing bits here and there), but school is taking over and I have literally no time to finish things. Hopefully I'll be uploading soon!