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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My Wardrobe So Far III


 October Disney Earrings - Disney
I bought these in Disneyland Paris, to match the necklace I bought a couple of years ago. They're really cute and go with a lot of my outfits.

Silver-bath Strawberry Earrings - handmade by a friend
These gorgeous earrings are handmade by my friend, Nami, who kindly made me them for Christmas! I really love them!

Pearl Drop Earrings - Accessorize 
Another present from my parents for Christmas. These ones were bought in the sales, as I thought they were ideal for the prom in summer (I've already planned my dream outfit).

Running Hare Necklace - And Mary
This necklace reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. My parents bought me it for Christmas. Sadly, it is broken and waiting to be fixed.

Cameo Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
I got this necklace when I was first interested in Lolita Fashion, about three years ago. It would go well with Classic lolita, I think.

October Disney Necklace - Disney
Another buy from when I went to France in August last year. I was really lucky October was my favourite colour!

Vintage Fox Cub Necklace - unknown
I got this from a store called Thunder Egg in Manchester, but I'm not entirely sure what the brand of this necklace is, though. It's really cute as I love foxes! There was a fox, a grey kitten, and a horse one to choose from.

Love Tea and Cakes Necklace - unknown
Another purchase from Thunder Egg in Manchester. I love the cutlery charms, as they give it a classic feel!

Alice in Wonderland pendant - Disney
I love the classic book by Lewis Carroll, so when I found this at Hot Topic in Maine, I really had to have it! Bought it on holiday.

Stacking Rings - Pandora
You can wear these two rings on top of each other, or on different fingers. They're really nice together, and one of them has diamonds inside; I don't know if Pandora uses real gems or not, but I still adore it nevertheless. Another gift from my aunt.

Silver Bangle - Pandora
This is from my Aunt, who came from Australia; as she lives so far away, she usually spoils us all when she comes back every two years or so! The bracelet is elegant and simple, so will go with a lot of clothes.


Lollipop Brooch - handmade by a friend
This was also made by Nami! It's so cute!



Black Mohair Cloche - John Lewis
I was bought this from John Lewis for my 16th birthday, and I just love it so much! I wear it very often, usually in the cold winter evenings when dog-walking, but sometimes I wear it with casual lolita co-ords, for a slightly vintage 20s-30s feel. It's very warm and I just love the material. Perfect for pinning corsages to, also!

Cameron White Headbow - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bought this from the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris shop when my family and I went to France for the summer.

Pink Gingham Hair tie - Dorothy Perkins
I bought this yesterday to match the pastel-y clothes that I got to take to Boston, when I go in August. I was in dire need of some summer clothes, so I'm really happy I went shopping for a change (usually I hate clothes shopping, with an exception for Lolita brands).

Irlens Glasses - Ray Bans
I had an eyetest because of my really sensitive eyes, so I've been perscribed Irlen's tinted lenses in a pale turquoise colour to help; they're also for my slight short-sighted-ness. They work really well, and help with my schoolwork too! The frames are dark purple transparent Ray Bans.

Black Leather gloves - Marks and Spencers
Borrowed from my grandmother. They're really warm in autumn and winter weather, especially at night.

Lacy Black gloves - John Lewis
They're really lovely and ladylike! Up close the pattern is so intricate.

Minnie Mouse Purse - Disney
This one is from Disneyland Paris. On the back is a padded heart with Disney written inside.

Clock Face Purse - Accessorize 
I saw this and thought it would be perfect for Lolita co-ordinates, so my Mum bought me it for Christmas.

Decoden Phone Case - handmade
My first attempt at Decoden, which is why it is really bad.

Vintage-design Phone Case - Accessorize
This was another present from my mother, as I'm mad about Accessorize at the moment. It reminds me of the Gothic Lolita Bibles, and the pansies are my favourite motif on the case.


Lolita Pins - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
The man in the BtSSB shop in Paris gave them out for free, I think because I spent over 50 euros. They're really cute, but I don't know where to put them. If I put them on my school bag I'd be afraid of them falling off. My favourite is the cherry one.

King of Darkness Voodoo Doll bag chain - Voodoo Dolls
My parents gave me this adorable voodoo doll chain for my birthday, so I wear it on my monster bag. His name is the King of Darkness and I think he looks like a little vampire! It says: "I will watchover you, weaken your enemies and bring Fame, Fortune and Power"!

 Pink Parasol - offbrand
I use this parasol a lot for lolita, and it comes in really useful for terrible English weather. 

London Hello Kitty Umbrella - Sanrio
This umbrella has a really cute London theme, with red buses and telephone boxes. I love the colour scheme also.

Elizabeth Rose Bonnet - handmade
I made this bonnet recently with the supplies I bought in Maine. It's made of a straw hat base (18"), dove grey velvet, white cotton on the inside, three kinds of lace, grosgrain ribbon, and four white roses. This is the first hat I've made, so I'm satisfied for my first attempt! I was going for more of a simple, elegant design in monotone colours, to match the name of the Queen of England.


Only my favourites here, as I do have a lot that I don't wear. Generally I either wear no makeup at all, or a tiny bit of mascara and lip-gloss out-and-about or at school.

Pink Punch Baby lips - Maybelline 
My sister and I are really in love with these Baby Lips line recently, and seem to have collected quite a few, both for us and for friends. This flavour is called Pink Punch and is a kind of "Barbie" pink shade, and tastes like strawberries. My younger sister has peach and mint flavours.

Shimmer Powder Sprays - Body Shop
My younger sister and I went shopping in town before Christmas and couldn't resist buying these glitter fragrances that were 2 for 20 pounds! Mine is the pink one, which is "Frosted Cranberry", and my sister's is a pastel green "Glazed Apple" scent. I really love going shopping with my sister!

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