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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Elizabeth Rose Skirt

Finally, it is done! This skirt took absolutely ages, but I can't help but think it was worth it when I've seen these photos. It's a part of my Textiles coursework for school, and as Textiles is my favourite lesson it was a labour of love.

I made the design quite a while ago, yet it has changed a bit from the original look. For a start, I got rid of the ribbons on the front of the skirt and added a huge bow at the back. Not to mention, I changed the fabric a few times; I wanted chiffon, but as that was not available I settled for polyester taffeta instead, which I think works quite well. It gives it an interesting texture in my humble opinion. 


The brief was Japanese Street Fashion (lucky me!) so I got my Lolita brain on and immediately thought of a Classic Lolita design, as these days the allure of Sweet Lolita isn't so great. Hopefully the monotone gray rose fabric I chose embodies this sub-style; it was inexpensive and came from IKEA, which is great for school and so easy to sew with.

As for the pattern, that was drafted by yours truly and made up along the way, as I can't follow pattern instructions to save my life.

Although it's quite long on me, I'll look forward to wearing it sometime next year, as the school will take it away from me to be moderated.

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