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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Quarry Bank Mill

Today I went to Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire with my family. I'd actually been here before, for a school trip a few years ago, and I really loved it! I have some great memories at the National Trust.

Right away I noticed this robe à la française (or sack-back gown) in the gift shop, as the colour and my passion for historical garments made it leap out at me! It was so wonderful that I couldn't help but stare at it for a while, and touch the fabrics to see how it was put together. Really, I just wanted it. And the fabric was actually traditionally spun at the mill, making it all the more unique and special. A lot of work must have gone into it. 
They had bundles of the red toile for sale - which, coincidentally has a very similar print to my lovely wallpaper at home - but it was very expensive for a tiny amount, so I could only dream of the things I could have made with it! Perhaps a Lolita version of the sack-back gown? 

One of the bundles with a singer sewing machine.
The mill itself.
 The building was so big and full of all sorts of machinery from the Industrial Revolution, that I found it really fascinating. History fans will love it here! Unfortunately we did not get to see the other parts of Quarry Bank Mill, as it was raining and my brother was particularly moan-y at this point.

There was also some great parts for those interested in textiles, as a very nice lady did demonstrations of some traditional looms, such as the spindle and spinning Jenny.

The mill owner's wife, Hannah Greg.
 I think the lady in this portrait has really gentle brown eyes and lovely curls, so I couldn't help but quickly snap this photo! Apologies for how off-centre it is.

Family members of the mill.
It's a Georgian rock band! Lute solo! (or whatever instrument that is; I'm really not a musical person).  These dresses are surprisingly low cut, I find - especially before the modesty of the 1800s. Nevertheless, the blue silk dress with princess sleeves is gorgeous.

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