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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My Wardrobe So Far II


Brown Lace knee socks - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Another buy from the Paris store. On the back is the word 'Baby' in swirling, glittery brown writing. They're really cute and I can coordinate them with literally every Lolita outfit.

Pink Teacup Socks - Secret Shop
I got these Secret Shop socks a while back, in 2012. I bought it to go with my Wonder Cookie replica JSK, and they're  perfect match!

Pastel heart Socks - New Look
I really love the colours of these socks. So cute! I think it would go nicely with solid-colour lolita dresses when the weather is hot.

Mustache Cat Socks - Sock it to Me
I bought these socks in Boston from a comic store (weird place, right?) because I thought they looked loli-able. Some of the cats are wearing crowns, and the others have adorable moustaches! 


Okay, confession time; I actually love pretty lingerie, although I can never work up the courage to buy sexy things from Victoria's Secret.

Nude and Black Polkadot Panties, Pink Frilly Panties, and Multicolour Panties - Accessorize 
The colours and mesh materials are so lovely that I couldn't help but buy these in three colourways! It was an offer, to be fair.


Disney Cartoon Bag - Disney
I bought this bag from Orlando Disneyland when I was twelve. I just love the pictures on it.

Movie Monsters handbag - Universal Studios (I think)
 I bought this from Count Orlock's Nightmare Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts. The museum was amazing, full of classical monsters (such as those you see on the bag) and Stephen King ones, which I have seen in the films I love! I saw Pennywise from IT and I loved it, so scary! Out of the monsters on this bag, I've watched the movie of Dracula, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Frankenstein. My favourite is Dracula.

Black Bow Shoulder Bag - Angelic Pretty
This gorgeous bag was a present I bought for myself at Hyper Japan; it's my first brand bag, so I'm incredibly happy! 


Silver Glitter Jelly Sandals - JuJu Jellies
Saw these on Tumblr, and I fell in love with them. They remind me of when I was a very small child.

Contrary Mary Flats - Red or Dead
They have a kind of old-school shoe kind of vibe, like they used to wear in the 1930s, for example. Mainly I wanted a style like this because my characters Margaret Baron and Evangeline Basset (from a story I'm writing) would wear shoes like this, but right now they seem to be very fashionable with the girls in my school... 

Lonna Mary Janes - Hush Puppies
These shoes are also from Hush Puppies, and I wear them with Lolita co-ords! They're high, so take some getting used to; obviously I don't wear heels very often!

White Heart Mary Janes - offbrand
I found these in a market in Manchester and they looked incredibly Lolita styled! They had them in lots of different colours, but I've wanted white shoes for a long time. I also want them in the red colourway. These are for my prom!

Black Victorian Boots - Dunes
These boots have a very Victorian feel to them, so I wear them with gothic and lolita co-ords, especially in the winter. The soles of the shoes are made of wood, so they can be very slippery at times! (and I'm very clumsy, too, so I have to walk very carefully whilst wearing them) 

Victorian-styled Short Boots - Hush Puppies
I really love these boots, but I had to change the laces a couple of times seeing as the old ones were made of elastic, so kept coming off when I was walking.

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