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My Dolls


Type: Pullip

Model: Pullip Tiphona

Date Received: December 6th 2012, out of my birthday money.

Personality: Shy, timid, quiet, cheerful, supportive, friendly and calm.

Age: 13 (born in 1945, living in the year 1958)

Birthday: 26th May

Nationality: half French, half American. (lived in Bologne-sur-Mer, France, but moved to Vermont in the USA)

Likes: fashion, her friend Cherry, cute things,walks in the country, embroidery, doodling, flower arranging and learning how to bake.

Dislikes: loud noises, too many people, talking too much, bullies.

Fashion: Sweet and classic Lolita.

Extra facts: My doll was based of one of my OCs, Aika Takanaga, who I later adapted and renamed as Aika Rowland. She is basically the main character in my story, When the Summer Ends. One of my favourite OCs and dolls, I think she has to be the best character I've developed. I can relate to her a lot.


Type: Pullip

Model: Pullip Merl

Date Received: 18th October 2013, for my birthday which is on the 22nd. 

Personality: fiery, hot-headed, loud, occasionally foul-mouthed, feisty, bubbly and friendly. 

Age: 15 (born in 1943, living in the year 1958)

Birthday: 12th August

Nationality: American (lives in Maine)

Likes: sailing, the ocean, marine life, swimming, birds, adventures and meeting new people.

Dislikes: nothing really

Fashion: Sailor fashion, especially sailor lolita and retro clothes.

Extra facts: She is illiterate but gets by just fine. She is also one of my OCs, and she gets her name from Beverly Marsh, one of my favourite characters from Stephen King's It. She's also inspired a little by the lovely Jimmy "Diamond" Skinner from David Balacci's Wish You Well.



Type: Tangkou

Model: Tangkou England

Date Received: 22nd October 2012

Personality: Elegant, sassy, sociable, upbeat, slightly lazy and cool

Age: 16.5 years old (born in 1942, living in the year 1958)

Birthday: 28th October

Nationality: American (lives in New York)

Likes: Narcissa owns a black cat, who she loves, and likes; fashion, gossiping and cooking delicious food

Dislikes: too much mess and rats!

Fashion: She mostly wears her maid uniform, as she works at a rich family's house, but she likes whatever is in fashion generally.

Extra Facts: She's a maid. I got her for my 14th birthday in Orlando, Florida, so she's really special to me. :)


Type: Tangkou

Model: Tangkou Vampire

Date Received: 18th November 2012

Personality: Shy, quiet, intelligent and mysterious

Age: 19 (born in 1983, living in 2002)

Birthday: 18th November 

Nationality: Japanese (lives in Tokyo)

Likes: Poetry, reading, sewing her own clothes and taking photos at Harajuku.

Dislikes: Sickness, and people who think she's an emo, when she thinks she's a goth, ahaha.

Fashion: Gothic Lolita, Ero Lolita, Old School Lolita

Extra Facts: Because I got her when I was in hospital, almost dying of God knows what, I kind of don't like her as much as my other dolls. Mainly because it conjures up memories I'd much rather forget.  


Type: Isul

Model: Isul Johan

Date Received: 25th December 2013

Personality: Timid, quick-witted, somewhat skittish, and friendly.

Age: 12 (born in 1920, lives in 1932)

Birthday: 17th December

Nationality: German (lives in Cologne)

Likes: He loves his elder sister, Celeste, and dancing, fencing, star gazing, and the snow.

Dislikes: Not much really.

Fashion: Kodona Lolita, and Tracht clothing for Oktoberfest and dancing.

Extra Facts: He was designed by Mitsukazu Mihara, so I love him a lot. I could imagine him going to the school in the Heart of Thomas somehow... 


Type: Pullip

Model: Pullip Nella

Date received: 19th October 2014

Personality: Intelligent, independent, a fast learner, reserved. 

Age: 15 (born in 1917, lives in 1932)

Birthday: 16th March

Nationality: German (lives in Cologne)

Likes: Her brother, Johan, singing, playing the piano - especially practicing études - dancing, and watching the stars.

Dislikes: Her all-girls school, as she wishes to be with her younger brother.

Fashion: Gothic and classic lolita, and evening dresses in the 20-30s style when she has to perform in evenings. 

Extra facts: This doll was also designed by Mitsukazu Mihara, so I just adore her. Also, I received her for my 16th birthday, so she's very special. 



Type: Isul

Model: Isul Lir

Date received: 25th December 2014

Personality: Chipper, attentive, helpful, generous and kind. Sporty, strong and active.

Age: 17 (born in 1941, living in the year 1958)

Birthday: 7th September

Nationality: American (comes from Maine but travels the world)

Likes: Fishing, sailing, water sports, tennis, badminton, navy blue, muscles, prawn pilaf, the active life. 

Dislikes: Not much really.

Fashion: Sailor suits, navy uniforms, smart, masculine trends.

Extra facts: Originally this doll was intended to be male, but seeing as he looked so much like me at the time I bought him, I decided to make him a her instead, calling her Audrey after Audrey Hepburn. 
She is second in command to Beverly onboard their vessel. 


Type: Dal

Model: Dal Clair

Date received: 25th December 2015

Personality: Spoiled, childish, bratty, sometimes manipulative, but sometimes kind, polite and generous.

Age: 9 (born in 1890 living in the year 1899)

Birthday: 12th August

Nationality: English

Likes: Teddy bears, collecting dolls, being given presents, her parents, seeing her school friends.

Dislikes: Not getting her own way, people that tell her off for being naughty.

Fashion: More childish, young-looking 1890s fashions, shirts with skirts and pinafore dresses, lots of frills and lace, bonnets. 

Extra facts: She is one of my absolute favourite dolls, after Aika, and her clothing comes from Innocent World. Her name came from somebody I knew in my childhood, based on her personality and looks. 


  1. Awww, I love your dolls, they are such cuties! Especially Aika, she made my heart flutter at first sight, but the rest is wonderful as well:-) Do you make their dresses, or do you buy them?

    1. Thanks, Rosa! This page hasn't been updated for a while, so I have one more doll to add to the site. Aika is my favourite too, and I don't think I'll find another doll that I love so much as her.
      I've made one dress for my Tangkou Narcissa, but that was just a black and white, strapless 50s dress - nothing too special. The rest come with the dolls, and one I found on Etsy, which was a really cutesy sweet Lolita dress.

    2. Do you? Sweet! Is it a Pullip doll, too? Blonde? Brunette? Redhead?:-)
      Aww, no wonder, Aika looks so sweet, like a fairytale princess, or one of the lovely Makoto Takahashi illustrations:-)
      I see! Do you prefer sewing for people/yourself?:-)

    3. It's another Isul doll (a kind of younger brother of Pullips and from the same brand, though I like to think of this particular doll as a girl because she looks like me when I had shorter hair). It's Isul Lir, with short blonde hair and brown eyes. She's really cute, but I cant come up with a story for her like the other dolls - only that she's the assistant captain on the ship that Beverly owns. :)
      Do you have any Pullips? I've seen a really pretty BJD on your blog before.

      Yeah, I think Aika's the best one in my collection, not only because she's my first doll, but because she's also named after one of my book characters that I'm writing, and looks exactly like her - so she's quite sentimental to me.

      It sounds a bit selfish, but I mainly just like sewing for myself right now, as my Mum and Sister don't really like the frilly things that I do, and normal, modern clothes are boring to make. I've made a top and am making a cardigan for my Mum, and a jumpsuit for my sister (which she never wore, unfortunately). At least they're practice! In the future, when I'm better at sewing, I'd probably love to make clothes for others - especially formal wear or period costumes.
      What about you? On your blog I see that your sister sews too, and even drafts patterns! Did she teach you to sew?