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Monday, 16 March 2015

My Wardrobe So Far

Seeing as Poupee is closing soon, I may as well post my vintage and Lolita clothes here instead. Although there is a petition out there that I signed to keep the website up, I doubt it will do much good - Japanese companies are often very strict in what they decide on.


Lovely Sweet Room JSK - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
My first and favourite jumperskirt and piece of brand! I bought this from the British eBay for a bargain of 70 pounds!

Psycho Cameo JSK - Hell Bunny/Spin Doctor
I bought this from Camden Market in a gothic fashion store, with my sister and auntie when I went to London. On the day that I bought it I almost died by eating a brownie with walnuts in - the nuts, which I am extremely allergic to, weren't shown on the menu! - and as my Aunt told me to get dressed quickly for hospital, in my panicking state I tried to put this dress on before she told me I was being stupid! Anyway, it's a lovely dress... I don't wear it that often because of the horrid memories it brings, though. 

 Sailor OP - Hell Bunny
Another dress from Hellbunny. This is my favourite Hellbunny dress! It reminds me of summertime, the 50s, and Stephen King's It; the latter because I wore it a lot whilst reading that book.

Whipped Showcase JSK - Angelic Pretty
Received this as a present from my parents at Hyper Japan London 2013! I love it so much, the chiffon is just so soft and silky and the cakes are so cute! It also has little multi-coloured pearls on the straps and beautiful bow tulle lace.

Shirring Princess JSK - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
I'm just in love with this dress; it's simple yet really cute, and will go with a lot of items because of the soild colour. Also, it has a lot of detail in the back with ruffles/bustle effect and corset lacing! I bought this at the Baby store in Paris.

Wonder Cookie JSK - Dream of Lolita (Angelic Pretty replica)
I know it's not the best thing in the world to have replicas of brand in your wardrobe, but this JSK from Dream of Lolita was just so cute that I caved in and bought it three years ago... Brand clothes are one size and are always very tight on me, and seeing as DoL makes custom sizes... It was very tempting! Still, I think this dress is adorable and I wear it lots! 

Evangeline's Summer Dress OP - Handmade 
I made this dress recently in a 50s nautical style, with hints of Lolita. I think it's a bit Otome-kei styled.

Prom Dress - Warehouse
I bought this on eBay for 15 pounds with the view of customising it, although it's so cute that I think I may leave it be unscathed. My aunt says it's 'very Marilyn Monroe' and I think I agree!


White Blouse - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
The photo makes it look grey, but it's a lovely white in real life. I got this blouse for my 14th birthday, but bought it off Ebay. For my birthday it also came with a skirt my mum made for me. At the time it was too hot to wear it as we were in Florida. My favourite part is the broiderie anglaise lace on the collar and sleeves.  

Pink Blouse - Bodyline 
I got this for my 15th birthday in October. It's my first item from Bodyline, and it goes with my other clothes so well!

Teal Floral Cardigan - Pulp
I love the color of this cardigan. They all work so well together. Sometimes I wear it with solid colour Lolita dresses.

Bunny T-shirt - Next
This really cute T-shirt has the back of the bunny photo on the back, so you can see his fluffy tail! It's actually kind of too big for me, but I'm going to wear it as a loose, baggy T-shirt over jeans.

Cherub T-shirt - Offbrand
This top is so cute, and the print reminds me of Innocent World and classic lolita dresses!


 Navy Butterfly Mini-skirt - Oasis
I bought this in the summer last year, whilst shopping with my mother. I haven't worn it that much because I'm not really used to wearing such short skirts! However, I bought it to wear when I went to Boston in August.

Gothic Black Velvet Skirt - vintage

I found this skirt in a vintage shop called Soho's in Liverpool. It was a really nice find, and even my parents and grandmother like it! The material is a beautiful velvet, so heavy, and it drapes really nicely too! The skirt has a high waist and a black silk ribbon around the waist. On me, it's ankle length, so I'm thinking of dressing it up with gothic jewellery and a midnight blue blouse, for a kind of gothic feel. To be honest, it reminds me of Mana-sama! I may alter it sometime soon to make it shorter and Loli-able.

 Pink and White Bloomers - handmade

I made two pairs of these bloomers/drawers for a sewing practice.

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