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Friday, 23 November 2012

IT by Stephen King

I just finished Stephen King's IT whilst I was on holiday in America.

IT is about a child-eating clown living in the sewers of a town called Derry in Maine. Derry has a very violent past, as we find out in Mike Hanlon's diary entries.
A group of school children; Bill (the leader), Eddie, Ben, Stan, Richie, Mike and Beverly set out to kill Pennywise as revenge for murdering Bill's younger brother, Georgie. These children are called the Losers as they see themselves as having flaws that make them uncool... I don't think they're that bad, as I have a stutter and I don't get bullied or anything...
As well as being a creepy-ass clown, Pennywise can transform into your very living nightmare! Say if you had a phobia of a certain horror film such as Frankenstein or something, he could morph into Frankenstein, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula etc.
The Losers have to juggle a bully named Henry Bowers - who seems to have gone completely psycho during the summer - and his gang of friends. Henry Bowers is interesting as whenever the Losers don't have Pennywise to take care of, he always seems to show up with sadistic intentions.  He has a crazy abusive father that isn't choosy as to whom he abuses. The thing I found sad was that Henry seemed to achieve his father's love through being just racist/sexist/anti-Semite/homophobic as he is. Maybe if Butch Bowers had been a good, caring father then Henry could have been normal and maybe even a nice person...
One of Henry's friends is a twelve year-old boy named Patrick Hockstetter. He is one disturbing kid! When he was five, he murdered his baby brother, and found great pleasure in doing so! Thriving on that joy, he became a fully-fledged psychopath and started killing as a sick kind of hobby. Starting out impaling beetles and squishing flies, he then moved on to suffocating cats and dogs in this refrigerator, left abandoned in a dump.
The thing I found amusing was the part where there was a gay sex scene between Patrick and Henry. Henry is a very homophobic, sexist and racist boy - so I found it odd that he let Patrick do that to him! I ship this anyway! XD  
I really loved it as it was set in 1958 (my favorite era!) and all the characters were interesting in their different ways! I even liked Pennywise despite all the nightmares I've had about her. *shudders*

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