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Friday, 9 November 2012

Tangkou Doll England

Here is my Tangkou doll that I received for my 14th birthday in Orlando, Florida. :)
She is the model England but I'm naming her Narcissa, or Cissy for short!

Tangkou dolls are like a hybrid of Blythes and Pullips. Someday I wish to get a Pullip doll to add to my collection. Pullip Tiphona maybe if she comes back into stock! :(
I really like the eye changing function - and the sleepy eyes are really adorable! The silver/clear eye colour is my favorite. Her stock outfit is sweet and made of good quality. I especially like her bloomers.

Narcissa was born in New York in 1942 and she is 16.5 years old. Her star sign is Libra and her dob is the 28th October. She has no family but is currently working as a maid and chef for a rich family living in Maine. Narcissa owns a black cat and likes; fashion, gossiping and cooking delicious food. Her dislikes are; too much mess and rats! She is elegant, sassy, sociable, upbeat, slightly lazy and cool. Tags - 'sure thing!'/'whatever'/ 'can't I do that later?!'.

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