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Friday, 7 December 2012

Pullip Doll Tiphona

Yesterday my first Pullip doll, Tiphona, arrived from America!


 She's just so beautiful! I would recommend Tiphona to any doll lover, as her hair is so soft and her face up so gentle.
She's wearing clothes and accessories designed by Japanese lolita brand, Innocent World. The clothes are of immaculate quality with so much detail! If I had enough money, I would buy the human-sized version, even though I'm more of a sweet and gothic lolita rather than classic. The doll came with tiny shoes, a gorgeous headband and a really cute headband.

Her eyes can change direction rather than colour. The colour of her eyes look really natural.

I'm calling her Aika Takanaga after my favourite OC. 
 They look kind of alike, I suppose! :)
Aika (on the right)

 Aika is from the 50s, and she loves drawing comics and singing. She is half Japanese, half French, but lives with her rich and famous father and two elder brothers in Maine.
Her star sign is Gemini and she was born on the 26th May, 1945 (13-14 years old).
She is quiet, bubbly, friendly, fashionable and artistic. Aika likes spending time with her friend, Cherry Misaki.

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