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Friday, 1 May 2015

Creative Things

With my revision and exams recently, I haven't had much time to spend drawing, sewing or writing for myself; right now, When the Summer Ends hasn't been touched for months! I'm really hoping to pick it back up again very soon, after I've gotten back into the swing of things with a few writing exercises in my spare time. If things go to plan, I'll be writing by bank holiday Monday.

Here are some things I've done for school for the past few months. There is more, but that's all tucked away safely in my portfolio.

Posting these to my private blog won't get me in any trouble with examiners, would it? If so, I'd take them down pronto, as I've worked for days solid on this particular piece.
Yet it was so fun, as I love drawing elaborately detailed Gothic and Lolita clothes! These particular girls are from a photo-shoot in the GLB 53; as you may notice, the bonnets are so typically Triple Fortune!

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