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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Creep Through the Graves

Yesterday I decided to take a brisk walk down to one of the large graveyards in my town. On that day I wore my Three Archangels OP, along with Baby socks, Victorian boots and a deep green velvet jacket - what else would be fitting for a graveyard!
Mainly because I need to get more used to going out alone, but also because I have had many dreams about that place - especially the derelict church - over the years.
In every dream I walk into that church and it's huge inside, carpeted with thick, plush red carpets as far as the eye can see. After stumbling down the longest corridor and flight of stairs imaginable, choking on the must all around, I come across a coffin with Count Dracula inside. Inside, it's rather like an odd museum for vampires.
Perhaps I was checking to see if that was true, haha. Unfortunately there was no possible way to get inside, as the windows and doors are all boarded up for some unknown reason, and the roof is apparently liable to crumble.

Here I've played around with the editing software on Photoshop to get more of a dramatic, dark mood into these pictures - fitting for a deadly silent graveyard.

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