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Friday, 15 May 2015

Innocent World's Three Archangels Tiered OP!

To treat myself after so much work and revision, I decided to save up and purchase a brand dress directly from the website. It was very exciting waiting for it in the mail, and I'm really surprised that my parents allowed me to do it! Usually they disapprove of Lolita fashion and ordering things from abroad, calling it impractical.
Naturally I pounced upon it when it arrived - ironically, after my Religious Education exam - and opened it so fast to see my beautiful new dress. It came with an Innocent World bag and a short but sweet letter with pink Innocent World stationary from the store, which I think could be hand-written. It was a very nice touch!

This angel is my favourite, and I'm pretty sure he's the angel Gabriel - the character I played in the Nativity when I was younger! The other angels are Raphael and Michael, or so I believe. What a beautiful print!

Isn't the lace just fantastic! It's so soft, too.

The dress itself is absolutely gorgeous, made from extremely high-quality materials. The lace is fantastic, with fleur de lis on, and the print is the most beautiful I've seen yet. And when I tried it on, it fit! I think it's my most favourite dress in my wardrobe, and I adore it! Even dad said it was worth the money. Innocent World is now my favourite brand and that dress, along with my Pullip Tiphona, are what my Lolita dreams are made of.

The brand concept says:  "Innocent World's designer, Yumi Fujihara, has created a new brand of clothing inspired by classical European designs that embodies the ideals of elegance and cuteness but is suitable for young women of the modern era. The brand name Innocent World brings to mind a simple world without dirt or blemish. We made this name to reflect the pure and innocent hearts of young women everywhere, at any age."

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