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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Why I love Fairy Kei!

   Most of this year I've been drooling over some amazing new fashion styles on Tumblr, including fairy-kei and pastel-goth. Because unfortunately lolita style (with an exception of casual loli) isn't exactly practical for an everyday basis!  I think that fairy-kei could be like a toned down/ poofed-down version of sweet lolita. It's got all the sweet and innocent motifs like candy, cakes and teddy bears... Also you could wear those head-eating hair bows and still call it fairy kei!

I love the cute 80s vibe, and all the amazing, vivid colours they use in designing! The sweet motifs they use on knitted jumpers and T-shirts are just so adorable, and the coloured hair is all good too!

Fairy-kei girls wear lots and lots of badges (remember all those 'I ♥ Spank!' pins that float around all over kawaii Tumblr blogs?) and layering of clothes is also fashionable.

Colours most commonly used are; all kinds of pastels, hot pink, bright orange, small quantities of black and white, neons and dark blues/purples. A Fairy gurl's fave places to shop would be brands like Spank!, Milklim, Nile Perch, Swimmer and lolita shops like Angelic Pretty. Personally I think hand made items would be really nice too - as brand can be very expensive. Especially if you don't live in Japan and need a shopping service.

(None of these photos belong to me.)

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