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Saturday, 23 November 2013


Well, the doctors have finally found out what's wrong with me. And it only took a year. *rolls eyes* Apparently it's Conversion Disorder (none of that PANDAS or autoimmune rubbish), and that was what caused me to have a lot of neurological symptoms, despite there not actually being anything physically wrong with me.  This website explains it better than I ever will, if you're interested.…
I haven't had any traumatic or stressful event, but my doctor said I got it because I've had Autism/Aspergers all my life, which caused me to get Conversion disorder, and nobody really found out until now.

Anyway, I'm getting better now. Especially seeing as I know I'm not going to drop dead with some horrible disease like lupus, or from a brain tumor, which my father took me to hospital in the first place for! I am actually feeling better than usual. The neurological symptoms are rarely there anymore, and I feel better about going to school and out and about. My hair has stopped falling out as I'm not on horrible medicines anymore, my skin is better also, and I'm losing weight from when I was put on the steroids too!

It's funny because half a year ago, I couldn't leave the house without being really frightened, but now I can go out and go to school part time. Sadly, I'll always have Aspergers, but the Conversion will go away soon, thankfully. Now I can move on!

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