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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dunham Massey

Finally, the National Trust is open again! I was at a complete loose end without some massive beautiful manor and garden to walk around and imagine I live there, so now it has opened on the 14th February I'm happy again.

Dunham Massey was a manor house owned by the aristocracy that was turned into a semi-hospital for injured and ill soldiers during World War One. Live actors perform there, acting out the parts of soldiers with shell shock (very disturbing, needless to say) and nurses. I had an amazing time seeing the house and hospital, as well as the garden with the new snowdrops - which smell gorgeous, by the way. The house actually reminds me a lot of Jeeves and Wooster for some reason!

The Lake

One of the Lady's bedrooms - green.

Their property

Courtyard to the kitchen.

Main entrance.

Creepy winter trees.

From the garden.

Sargent and nurse Mabel having an argument.

More nurses in the dining area for soldiers.

Brain surgery in the hallway...

The tools... 

Fire screen with real taxidermy butterflies and birds.

The other main bedroom.

It actually reminds me of Dracula!

I want to live in this room!

The family silver and gold. 

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