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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Good News and a Poem

This Sunday I have finished writing 40 chapters of When the Summer Ends, marking the end of my book! I’ve had so much fun writing this book lately, though at the same time I’m very happy it’s done. Now all I need to do is edit 35 chapters and then I can publish… Wish me luck!

For now, please enjoy this poem I’ve written:

When the Summer Ends

When the summer ends, and the leaves fall from the trees like embers,
I miss that sultry, blazing sun and the secrets we whispered mouth-to-ear on cloudless days.
Those summer evenings seemed an endless eternity, and yet autumn came all too soon.
The autumnal days brought us closer together as we made memories,
sharing school and heart.
Then winter came and autumn crumpled and died,
bringing with it a bitter curse sent to tear us apart.
And spring never came…
Not for many seasons to come.

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  1. What an incredible accomplishment, sweet Ellie! Huge and immensely happy congratulations on all of your hard work on the writing front. I hope you're able to take a few well deserved days off from that front to recoup before we leap headfirst in the hecticness of the holiday season.

    Many hugs & a standing ovation on my end for a job very well don!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jessica! I did take a few days off editing the book, but soon after I just wanted to get stuck in so I could publish it faster - surprisingly it's going well so far, and not much needs to be done, so it may be published by me quite soon.

      Happy Thanksgiving!