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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Valentine's Day Meetup with the Lolitas

I'm not usually a big fan of Valentine's day things because I'm a bitter spinster, but this was a fun little meetup after Valentine's day, so it wasn't bad at all. I actually really enjoyed it, and it's probably the first time this year that I've been out to Manchester!
I was a little late for meeting up at Koffee Pot, but I still managed to get a seat and order my lunch, thanks to the girls. The raspberry ripple milkshakes at Koffee Pot look and taste amazing, though I didn't manage to get any photos of it or of the meetup at all! I was a bit short on time and space, even though everyone looked amazing and cute in their Valentine's day themed, red and white coordinates.
We exchanged Valentine's day message cards anonymously, where I got a very sweet message but I don't know whom it's from! It says that I'm elegant, polite, friendly and sweet, which was so lovely and really made my day. There was also a CLAM quiz that we played in order to win a prize, including questions about famous Lolita YouTubers, Misako Aoki, Mana-sama, Kamikaze Girls, and the group itself; I got eleven out of sixteen, and I fell down on the question about the "yen trick" for Bodyline, which I had no idea even existed! Now I know...

After that we had a brief walk in Manchester's Northern quarters to get to another cafe where we just hanged out, called Cafe Nexus. There we played another game, where we wrote down random words, put them into a pile, and drew three cards to make a new print name for a brand to release. I laughed so hard, as on my first draw I got "anxious lemon tea-time" - the image that popped into my head was just too funny! Maybe the lemon is afraid of being used in somebody's tea? Who knows? It's on the top of my list for some brand to release - Metamorphose temps de fille, probably would be the best bet, haha.

We also had a photographer with us, who came all the way from London to photograph us for a magazine article! It was strangely enjoyable being photographed - usually I'm not a photogenic person and hate having my photo taken - maybe because I didn't have to smile? Fingers crossed that we get into the magazine! I may post the photos to my blog if I get permission from the photographer.

For this meet I didn't have anything remotely Valentine's day themed, so I just wore a Sweet Lolita coordinate that my partner from the EGL Dress-Me-Up challenge put together for me, which was a lot of fun wearing all together.

Headbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
JSK: Lovely Sweet Room - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Hush Puppies

After all, although it was a little uneventful and quiet because of the process of photography, it was a very fun meetup and it was nice to see everybody and just hang out. There were some new members to the comm too, which I thought was really nice. 
I had a great time, except for the parts where I nearly broke my ankles wearing those heels on the blasted uneven ground in Manchester - if it weren't for a nearby pole and Mo, I would probably have humiliated myself by face-planting the ground in full Lolita fashion, haha! Petticoats and bloomers would have been displayed for everyone to see! Just imagining it makes me laugh. Thankfully some divine force stopped me from making a spectacle of myself. :)


  1. XD Well, thanks God for Mo, then:-) Glad that she prevented you from getting hurt!
    Magazine? Wow, that's exciting! May I know it's name? I'd love to see the photos and the article:-) I'm sure you looked so sweet in that coord!
    Haha, that lemon thing was wonderfulXD Especially the association it brought to your mind:-)

    1. Yep, I'm grateful that she happened to be there to stop me from faceplanting the ground, haha.
      It's PYLOT magazine I'm a bit excited, though to be honest, some of the interview questions left me a bit uneasy. I don't even know if I'll make it to print, as there were lots of girls having their photos taken at the meet, so perhaps there's no need to worry, haha.

      Another hilarious print name that somebody got was "fancy queer egg"! I thought that was funny but didn't want to include it in case it offends somebody because of the negative connotations of the word.