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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A New Doll From my Neighbour - Collector's Choice

A few weeks ago my Grandad's friend's brother sadly passed away. He was 92 and had ageing problems to do with the mind (I think it was dementia, unfortunately), and therefore he used to buy everything that he saw advertised on TV and in magazines, without any need for them - including dolls. I'm very sorry about their loss, even though I never actually met the man himself, as he lived in Scotland and passed on before he could be taken down to his brother's house to be taken care of.

My Grandad's neighbour was told that I like and collect dolls, so this Collector's Choice doll was very kindly given to me to take care of. Isn't she beautiful! She is made from hand-painted bisque porcelain, authentic fabrics and trimmings, and has a fabric body.
I just love her mesmerizing green-blue eyes - they are coincidentally the same colour as my own eyes - and soft strawberry blonde curls. The lacy dress and headbow also bring out the colour of her eyes.

I'm thinking of names at the moment; possibly Elizabeth or Eleanor? Any suggestions would be welcome!

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