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Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Trip to France 2013

I went to France last week and had a really great time! 

We went to Disneyland Paris for most of the time and I had a lot of fun going on the rides I could handle. Because of my illness, I have had a lot of motion sickness and tiredness from going on fast rides - I also cannot go on rides with bright, fast-moving, flashing lights - so I mostly went on the nice, calm rides ahaha. :) I ate lots of lovely food everyday and just generally relaxed most of the time, reading and playing Animal Crossing in our caravan.

My favourite ride had to be Phantom Manner because of the whole atmosphere and scenery. The ride was amazing though! I love all the decorations and special effects, it makes it so magical and gothic!

My favourite restaurant was either the Blue Lagoon which was Pirate/Pirates of the Caribbean themed, or Annette's Diner for obvious reasons (I love the 50s!). I can't eat much because I'm a fussy eater and only like certain foods, but the food I ate there was very nice. I loved the burgers at Annette's diner - and the scenery in there was beautiful too and inspired some abstract designs on my recent picture. :)  

One day we went into Paris and I visited the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright store! I felt like a princess and that's where I bought my head bow and socks. I also got these free badges because of my purchases! It was really magical to go to the physical store; even more so when you're reading Kamikaze Girls at the same time!

The store was bigger than I expected and the customer service was great! (My mum made me anxiously anticipate some really snobby, scary elitist lolita who would look down their nose at me for not wearing lolita to visit the store... and she was very wrongly mistaken!) I would definitely go again some day. 

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