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Monday, 2 September 2013

When the Summer Ends - My New Story

Soon, I'll be writing a new story - and this time, it'll be completely original, using my own characters and settings! I may write fanfictions from time to time, but now I've decided to write my own things. Especially with this 'SOPA' thing looming over all our heads... (I don't know if it's entirely true, but gosh it sounds awful!)

The title of the story may change and when it does I'll edit this post. I'm not too sure if I'm quite happy with the title yet, so that's why I'm mentioning it now. I think I'll post my story to my blogspot when I've got a few chapters written...

Basically I'll be using my character Aika Takanaga, but in the story she'll be known as Aika Rowland for a more canon feel. This is all because I completely spaced out on the details of WW2 when I made this particular character and made her half French, half Japanese last year! How could I be so stupid and ignorant?! My mum told me that it wouldn't work out and I now realise how flawed my character profile was. Now, my lovely Aika is half French, half American - so therefore I changed her surname to an American-sounding one. But still, the cute-loving element of a Japanese girl will remain inside her and I didn't have the heart to change her first name, so that's staying the same and I don't care what anybody else has to say about that! XD It will all be explained in the book, so don't worry.

Along with Aika will be her friend Cherry and her maid Cissy Jackson; some more of my own characters I love.

Being a story set in the 1950s, there will be a theme of racism, sexism and two budding friends. At the moment, I've got nearly one chapter done after dabbling and messing around with another story of mine (also coming soon). Basically, as you can probably tell from this post, it's a work in progress and has yet to be improved. Hopefully I'll get more inspiration and story ideas to accompany it and then I'll post it soon!

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