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Monday, 2 September 2013

Seasonal Lolita Survival Guide

For all you Lolitas out there, dressing comfortably in all seasons and weathers can be rather stressful, right? You're not alone! I find that Summer and Winter can be the worst. To be honest, it gets to the point that I'm so uncomfortable that I put off wearing lolita until cooler weather in Spring and Autumn. Well, here's a guide for each season to make things easier!

  • Spring is a nice season~ All those cute lambs, bunnies and chicks are born and the trees start getting leaves again. Not only that, but yay! - no more Winter! No more trekking to school in the snow and certainly no slipping on ice! 
  • As the weather can be unpredictable, it's best to buy/wear both long-sleeved and short-sleeved blouses in colours to compliment your wardrobe. That way, when it's hot, you can stay cool - and when it's very chilly, you can wear long sleeves to keep yourself cozy. 
  • A good alternative would be a cut-sew with detachable sleeves like the cute ones you can get from Baby and Angelic Pretty.
  • As it's not too hot, you can wear JSKs over your blouses. Spring is very good for JSKs with cute, pastel-y Easter prints such as Happy Garden. Not only that, but isn't that when the solid colour dresses come out? 
  • An alternative to JSK-over-blouse mode would be to invest in a cute cardigan or bolero in pastel colours (if you're a sweet lolita), black (gothic lolita) or whatever colour you fancy. I have a really cute velvet jacket I picked up from Pop Boutique that's black with puffy capped sleeves and a pink floral pattern. It's very 50s-ish and I think it would go nicely with a lolita co-ord in spring if I don't feel like wearing a blouse.
  • I think florals look very cute in Spring. It reminds me a lot of Black Butler and this one time I bought really cute fabric from Joanne's in Florida. 
 pixels flowers photo:  1133416e5e8w8t48u.gif
  • Summer is lovely - but it can be difficult to wear lolita during the months May until August, early September. Despite being my favourite season, even I can admit it's uncomfortably hot and sticky to wear your finest clothes during it. 
  • To keep cool- forget about JSKs and blouses! Well, you don't have to... I just think it's easier. Wear one pieces to keep cool and look cute. I especially like those with sailor collars or rounded collars - they look so cute and dolly-like! 
  • Wear a toned down petticoat. If you really insist on wearing a full-blown fluffy petticoat, then only opt for one. I hear of girls that wear many and I just think 'HOW?!' It makes me way too bulky looking if I wear more than one. XD
  • Underneath your skirts/dresses wear some secret cycling shorts or cropped leggings. Nobody will notice and it will, *ahem* make yourself more comfortable when it gets unbearably hot. 
  • Always wear suncream!
  • Carry around water if you're going places. It's good to keep hydrated and healthy. 
  • Don't bother with wigs if you're the type that wears them! You'll be way, way too hot! D:
  • Parasols are great in sunny weather. It's like a portable shade.
  • Short socks are your savoir! Wear those that are topped with cute lace. That way, you can pair them with your every day wear and even school uniform if you're lucky! 
  • Sailor lolita and sweet lolita prints with berries and icecream sundaes scream summer to me. I can't stop drooling over them. XD If only I had enough money.
  • In fact, to keep cool, why not wear a cute off-brand blouse with short sleeves? If it were me, I wouldn't want to sweat all over my brand items, so something cute and versatile would work in this case. There are some lolita-able blouses on the market, you just have to shop around and even try vintage stores. 
  • Momoko off Kamikaze Girls would probably use a lacy, Marie Antoinette styled fan during summer to keep herself cool. 
  • Some nice head-wear for summer would be a rimmed straw hat with berries and a ribbon on, that, or if you love bonnets, maybe a straw, half-bonnet? To keep things nice and simple, how about two small bows either side of your head. 
  • Wear your hair in simple, easy to style hairstyles like plaits and bunches that you can fix up easily in the morning. In fact, I love this hairstyle. It's easy to follow and doesn't take that long at all! As a bonus, it reminds me of Minnie Mouse! :) 
  • Autumn is kind of like Spring in terms of comfort, so I don't need to write much here. 
  • This is where you are more likely to need long sleeves once again. I'd say, get two good long-sleeved blouses for your wardrobe. 
  • Here, you may need a light coat/jacket depending on how cold it gets where you live. I think a capelet would look really cute if coordinated in the right way! I especially love those in faux fawn fur that you can get from Innocent World or Baby. 
  • For a colour scheme, I think browns and creams look really nice in Autumn. It reminds me of the falling leaves and chai latte. 
  • Get some cute ankle boots in a colour to suit your style.
kawaii snowman is kawaii
  • Aarg! It's winter - my least favourite season. The only thing i like about it is December when it gets Christmas-y. After that, or even before that in November, I can't stop dreaming of being on some tropical island (Animal Crossing, this is when I need you most of all!). 
  • I was once out walking with my Dad in January/February time. For some stupid reason I thought the weather was getting warmer and only wore a longs-sleeved blouse, petticoat, JSK and my typical winter coat with socks and boots. Let me tell you this, I FROZE to death! My legs were so numb that I couldn't feel them when I got back inside. 
  • So, wear as many layers as you can without looking like the abominable snowman! Layer those petticoats if you can, and always, always wear long sleeves! 
  • You will definitely need a coat - no excuses. Get one that can match all your clothes. If you're a sweet lolita, I'm guessing you have a lot of pink. Get a pink coat. If you're a gothic lolita, it's a no-brainer, you'll most likely want a black one. For the classic lolitas out there, I recommend either a brown, white or black, neutral-coloured coat that will match for lots of coordinates.  
  • Boots and long socks are your best friends. No more Mary Janes or rocking horses here. 
  • Woolen berets, mufflers, fluffy fur collars and loli-able mittens/scarfs/gloves will all be really cute accessories to keep you warm and look adorable. 
  • If you're the kind to wear bloomers, I won't blame you in this season. If you wear wigs (again, optional for the lolita gal) this is the season where you'll be thankful you wore one.

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