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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Today I've Been Baking and Drawing Animal Crossing

In the morning I made a cake with my Mum for her birthday. It was one of those off the Great British Bake-off website from the current series of the TV programme. :) The flavour is passion fruit, coconut, and lime with gluten free ingredients. This cake was really fun and simple to make! I don't know about the taste yet, but it smells delicious! On the second day, my Nana helped me make the icing sugar. It tastes so nice! In fact, the taste reminds me of Florida Key Lime pie. Here's some photos so far. I don't think the photos do them justice! Well, on the internet you don't have smell-o-vision. Somebody should invent that... XD On the actual birthday, we'll drizzle on the passion fruit sauce so that it doesn't soak into the frosting.


Later on I started drawing a new picture. I want it to be Animal Crossing like as I love the characters Fauna and Maple, but I wasn't sure how to fit the characters in! Anyway, here's the picture. It's my first time doing a sketchy background, so I'm sorry but it sucks XD I think Maple looks very cute though despite how amateur this picture is. Oh, and today I also started a double art meme with my good friend, Wendy!

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