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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Forgotten Pictures of Aika

I forgot to upload these pics ;w; however I've edited them slightly by making the colours pop more.
This is my precious Pullip doll Aika - her model is Tiphona and she was named Aika after my favourite OC. I felt like submitting a photo of her as a reminder to do more photography. I think this one was taken back in April. Tomorrow I'll take some better photos with my Granddad's camera to tie in with my school art work. Oh, and I'm getting another Pullip soon! The model is Pullip Merl, but I'm still trying to think of a name for her (I'm thinking either Beverly or Marlin). It arrived yesterday but my dad wouldn't allow me to have her as it's a birthday present! I have to wait a whole month *cries* and I can tell he was amused by it!
I know these photos aren't very artistic as the background is cluttered, but I like all the contrasting colours and hues. :)
I'm really busy at the moment! I've got photos to take of dolls, I'm working on several stories (both original and fanfiction), a Autumn-y, creepy picture (that you can see the WIP on my art Tumblr) and also a Meme with my friend Wendy to take care of.

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