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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Characters of When the Summer Ends Design

I'm making mood boards for all the main characters of my stories, original and fanfiction. It includes pictures of the actors that I picture as I write, in other words, a face-claim, and also random drawings I've done of them in the past (crappy or not! XD). 
For When the Summer Ends, I couldn't imagine a Cherry that doesn't look like Anna Tsuchiya. When Anna played Ichigo from Kamikaze Girls, I thought she's be a perfect face-claim for her! For Aika, I wanted some innocent-looking girl from the KERA or Gothic Lolita Bible. 
Aika Rowland


Actor/Model: Model from KERA August 2012 ~ Doll: Pullip Tiphona ~ OC drawing: Aika Takanaga/Rowland

Cherry Knox

Actor/Model: Anna Tsuchiya ~ OC Drawing: Cherry Knox

Cissy Jackson 

Actor/Model: Viola Davis ~ OC Drawing: None yet

Miss Celeste Fleuri

Actor/Model: Jessica Chastain ~ OC Drawing: None yet

Pierre Rowland 

 Actor/Model: Tijin Elbers ~ OC Drawing: None yet (too embarrassing)

Buddy Rowland

Actor/Model: Dae Na ~ OC Drawing: None yet



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