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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Black Butler Chapter 92

First of all, the chapter starts from Finny's point of view, which I always find interesting as I love the Phantomive servants. He is in captivity as a medical experiment (as we saw in the Murder Mystery arc) and escaped covered in blood to find Ciel and Sebastian waiting for him. These few pages were particularly disturbing, as we saw his two friends shot and killed by the 'doctor'; at this point, I'm wondering if I should stop reading the really gory chapters, as they're actually quite upsetting, especially where it concerns children being kidnapped and tortured... I won't stop reading Black Butler - and I know it isn't meant to be light and fluffy - but I just feel upset seeing children being so cruelly abused, even though it is just a comic.
Anyway, it soon goes back to the castle in the forest, where Finny tells Ciel that if it weren't for him, he wouldn't be alive and there today. Sieglinde accompanied with Sebastian goes to visit Ciel and see how he's doing, then change his bandages. He seems to be healing well, but is obviously still emotionally unstable, as Sieglinde comments later on. The loss of vision is apparently psychological (which again, I'm surprised, as I know all about that myself as I had conversion disorder!) and his eyes will heal soon along with his stress.
Outside, Sieglinde asks Sebastian if he and Ciel are devil worshippers. It was actually quite amusing, as she called Sebastian an amateur that will be cursed by a demon if he isn't careful, not knowing that Sebastian is actually a demon himself!
There is a secret passage way that Sebastian and Snake find together, and Wolfram becomes furious when he finds them there. Later it is revealed that the passage way is where the werewolves are kept.
Back in Ciel's bedroom, Finny is trying to persuade Ciel to eat more food, when he sees the werewolf looming over him in the window. Much to my surprise and horror, the werewolf shattered through the window and attacked Finny whilst trying to get to Ciel, as the servant threw himself in front of Ciel to protect him. The way that Finny emotionlessly told the werewolf "That hurt." was kind of creepy, I had to admit! The werewolf jumps back out the window as the others arrive to see what all the fuss is about, and Bard threatens to go after the werewolf to protect the others. He is persuaded not to, as he would be cursed also. Sieglinde tells Wolfram to prepare the Green Witch "service", and together they go down to the passage way where Sebastian and Snake were accosted. Surprisingly, we find that down in the passageway, there are many werewolves gathered there, and Sieglinde addresses them as "beasts that protect the forest". At this point, I'm really curious about Sieglinde. What is she doing with the werewolves in her castle?
Ciel is more frightened than ever, and is screaming (understandably so) that he wants to go home. Everyone is bewildered by the change in the young master, after all, he used to be cold, calculating, and extremely emotionless, and to turn into the terrified person he is now - well, anybody would be alarmed.
Personally, I hope that they go home for Ciel's sake. I know that he has a mission to complete there in Germany, but I'm hoping that they'll all put Ciel's wellbeing first. He's suffered enough already.

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