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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Back From Paris!

Recently I've been to France with my family; we visited Disneyland most days, and my Dad and I went to Paris for one day. We all had a great time, yet at the end of it, I can't help admitting that we were glad to be home, eating the usual food, resting more, and speaking English!
On the first day, after unpacking and whatnot, we went to Disney for the first time in almost a year (my mum is addicted to all things Disney, so we can't go a year without going there in any shape or form). It was very exciting to be there again. I just love all the architecture and attention to details that Disney has - I'd like to practically live in the place, but without all the people and crowds.
Again, my favourite ride was the Haunted Mansion . Not too fast, no flashing strobe lights, and great atmosphere all round. It particularly appeals to me for the gothic feel, and I think it would be amazing to live in a house based on the Haunted Mansion, although I admit all the ghosts would be rather bothersome...
As for my favourite part of Disney, I'd have to say Main Street USA. I just adore the old-time Americana feel of the place, and as it has a kind of New England-ish vibe, I could imagine that Aika would love it too. Speaking of Aika, I think she would love all of Disney, as it has that cutesy, friendly atmosphere; I'm going to write something along those lines as a oneshot, but not include it in the main story of When the Summer Ends...
All of the rides were really good (well, the ones that I could go on. Some *looking at Space Mountain and Indiana Jones* are not very good for my health), and for a couple of them we were at the front of the ride! Unfortunately, a few of the rides we went on broke down halfway through, or were out-of-action for the whole day due to technical difficulties. But that didn't matter at all, as we got on them at some point or another.
A couple of days later, dad and I went to Paris for the day while mum took my siblings to Disney. The day was beautifully sunny and hot, so we could really make the most of it, as we had a city tour on a double-decker bus! We saw most of the famous landmarks that way; Tour Eiffel, Champ de Mars, Musée du Louvre, Notre-Dame, Musée d'Orsay, Opéra, Champs Elysées, Grand Palais, and Trocadéro. The guide we were listening to was very informative, and I found out a lot of interesting facts I never knew before about Paris. The headsets also played classical music, which added to the atmosphere.

Notre-Dame 2
If I went to Paris, and wasn't allowed in the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright store, I think I would have died, so after a long walk along the Seine, and lots of other roads (we got kind of lost) we arrived at the shop. In the shop I tried on a skirt and a dress that I loved. The dress was "Shirring Princess JSK" in pink, and the skirt was "Soirée of the beginning of my memories" in green. To be honest, I didn't expect anything to fit me, as the Baby dresses I own are really tight around the chest area, and my Angelic Pretty JSK won't zip up at all - but that's all because of the horrible medicine I had to take for an illness I recovered from recently, as they made me put weight on... I'm slowly loosing weight to the size I was before, so that's good. The skirt was tight, but the dress fit perfectly because of the shirring in the bodice. I was really happy! It was wrapped up beautifully and came with a fancy bag.
On the way back to our hotel, the traffic in rush hour was crazy! It took an extra hour, but that meant we had a longer time to look around Paris on the bus.
Shirring Princess JSK
The perks of missing out on some rides, believe it or not, is that you get surprise presents when a family member has been on the ride, ahaha. Despite me being absolutely, positively bankrupted from my visit to Paris, I managed to get cute souvenirs last minute. I'm happy, because I really want to have something to remind me of this fun trip... I have a feeling it will be the last time we visit the Disney in Paris, as my parents have their hearts set on California and Orlando for the future.
Alice teacup and saucer, pink earrings, and Minnie Mouse pen

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