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Monday, 31 March 2014

Why I love Lolita Fashion

Momoko is a good representative for this post
   I think it's obvious by now that I adore Lolita fashion. Whilst it has it's downsides, like the tiny sizes and ridiculously expensive prices, there are a lot of things I love about the fashion:

 1. The amazing designs that are inspired by certain periods of history; I love the Victorian and Rococo inspired dresses, and have a soft spot for the retro 50s-ish designs.

2. Each print tells a story. Sometimes it's Alice in Wonderland, sometimes Romeo and Juliet, and others it can be anything from Dracula to Cinderella. Every dress is so different and unique, and I could spend a long time looking at all the beautiful details and find something new each time!

3. Despite the confusion with the book, Lolita, the fashion is very modest and innocent, with a doll or child-like appearance. Whilst wearing the fashion, you don't feel caught up in the need to grow up, move out, and get a job. You can just be yourself and stay in the moment. The fashion is all about what appeals to you, and not what anybody else thinks.

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