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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Black Butler Chapter 91

I have read a lot this month, so expect a lot of book reviews!

This chapter starts off with Ciel rejecting Sebastian once again, so instead of trying to comfort the young master, Sebastian leaves to look after Sieglinde. Naturally, her own butler seems pretty annoyed by how perfect he is, and how much Sieglinde is starting to like him.
Sebastian tries to teach her to behave like a proper Victorian lady, and at one point scolds her quite badly. Sieglinde isn't put off, however, and sees it as a learning opportunity. Also, she asks Sebastian to teach her English so she can communicate with Ciel better once he's feeling well again.

Then, we got to Ciel's side of things, where he's being looked after by Finny. He refuses to eat, so Finny, under Sebastian's instruction, offers him warm milk with honey (his one weakness!). Because of Finny's inhumane strength, when he blew on the milk - intending to cool it down so Ciel can drink it - the hot milk ended up all over Ciel's face. There was a sweet moment where he tries so hard to be gentle whilst wiping the milk from his face, that Finny's arms start shaking with the effort.
Finny then offers to take Ciel on a walk outside for some fresh air, but Ciel declines, saying that there are scary things out there; Finny then tells him that he'll protect him no matter what (which was so cute!). Ciel says that he's not worth saving, then breaks down crying...

This ending of this chapter was just as sad as the previous one! :( I'm really wondering what Ciel was going to say at the end... It made the Two Ciel's theory sound likely.

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