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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Where are the Vampires?

I've been really inspired by vampires and Anne Rice novels recently, so I thought I'd draw a gothic picture. Also, Malice Mizer music, and this new album I've found, which is the soundtrack to Verushka (1971). The music is really haunting, with wordless female Italian vocals in a creepy, sad tone of voice. I don't really fancy watching the film myself, as it sounds disturbingly sad by reviews I've read, but I really appreciate the soundtrack - it goes well with writing too!

The background of this photo was a photo that I took myself at a Tudor home, Speke Hall. The house is Tudor on the outside and Victorian on the inside. As this is my first attempt at drawing a background, I'm really pleased!

In my mind, the characters are vampire siblings (the girl is the eldest) that are being hunted down by humans to be killed. Those eyes in the background are the humans searching for them, vampire killing kit ready. The eyes were done by getting eyes of people from photos I've taken (family and friends, plus myself somewhere in there) and also some photos of my dolls' eyes.

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