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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Speke Hall

My dad recently bought a National Trust membership, so to make good use of it we went to the nearby Speke Hall in June. When I was ten years old I went on a school trip to this place as we were learning about the Tudors, and I could actually remember many of the rooms in this house, mainly the priest hiding place and the downstairs room with all the birds, snakes and vines on the ceiling. It was really nice to reminisce!
The outside architecture of Speke Hall is Tudor, and the inside a mix of Tudor and Victorian, as a family lived there during the 1800s. I think it would be wonderful to live inside a Tudor house because of all the history! However, some of the artefacts inside the home had signs on to tell people not to touch as even the gentlest touches would damage the items  beyond repair, so that would obviously be a downside... I took a lot of photos of the outside and inside, so at least I have them to remember it by.

One of my favourite places was the courtyard with the ancient trees, which were apparently older than the house itself!
First of all my family and I had a picnic outside as it was really hot and sunny. My younger brother Luke was dressed as Batman, his favourite superhero, so everywhere we went people chuckled and said "are you here to save us Batman?". It sounds embarrassing, but it was actually really funny, especially when Harlequin (my brother's dream woman, ahaha) was mentioned! After that we went inside the house, then to the gardens where we all just collapsed to relax for a while on the lawn - apart from Luke, who just ran all over the place, as usual. Before we went home we had some traditional sodas from the cafĂ©; mine was rose hip flavour lemonade! It was a really pleasant day.

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