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Monday, 30 June 2014

Margaret's School

The character on the left is called Evangeline Basset, and the girl on the right is Margaret Baron. I wanted them to look a little bit like ball-jointed dolls to show their innocence and young age (plus the fact that I adore ball-jointed dolls). It was hard to decide their hairstyles; at first I went for short hair on both of them, kind of like a cutesy 60s style bob – Evangeline’s in a layered style and Margaret’s curled up at the edges. But I decided to stick closer to my description, which I’m actually quite glad of – I loved colouring Evangeline’s hair!

The dresses they are both wearing is their school uniform, which many say (in the story) is rather old fashioned. I found this gorgeous design on a Japanese Indie Lolita website (also called Margaret’s School, which coincidentally gave me the idea of this story somehow…) and decided that I needed to draw my characters wearing it! The design of dress belongs to this website.

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