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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Going to Art Galleries

Today has been a really great day! The weather was really sunny and warm for once, and I actually got out of the house, ahaha! I went with my friend, Jasmine, to the Albert Dock in Liverpool, and we went around the dock and inside some art galleries and museums. I'm not a fan of cities as a rule, but I actually really love going to Liverpool.

There was some festival going on at Albert Dock, I think it was a boat festival or something, as there was a lot of boats on the Marine (more than usual anyway) and a lot of bunting. Plus, it was absolutely crowded! At one point I thought we had joined a really long queue for something, but it turns out that it was actually a queue to get into the main area! Besides the crowding, it was actually fine, and my personal space wasn't invaded too much.

Whilst we waited for the art club at the Tate, Jasmine and I walked around the dock as it was such  beautiful day, and just talked. It was really nice to see her and be able to talk to her properly for once, as it seems that we hardly meet each other at school anymore, as our classes are all different. I was able to share something really personal that's been weighing down on me for a long time now, so it was such a relief to get it off my chest and talk to someone who is both good at keeping secrets and understands... I've been feeling a lot of conflict, confusion and guilt over these past few days (months even), so I feel so much better that I've had this talk with a good friend.

When it was time to actually go to the art club, I was really nervous at first, but when I saw how welcoming and kind the people were - plus the fact I recognised some of the kids there (most of them are younger than me anyway) - I felt silly for even being worried! All the people there are so nice and creative, so I always really enjoy this club!
As the boat festival thing was on, our theme was based around that. We went outside to draw this one special boat parked onto the Marine, and this boat was called a Dazzle boat, as a method of camouflage used during World War I. It was actually really impressive, and made me want my own ship even more! We had to draw it and I failed miserably, ahahaha! I didn't even manage to finish as it was so detailed. After that we went back inside to make our own designs of dazzle ships out of coloured paper and cardboard. Mine was pink, reflective silver and purple, and called The Nameless, because I literally couldn't think of a name for my ship when Jasmine asked me. Jasmine's was turquoise and lime green, with silver reflective windows, a giant raspberry pie, and a moose and squirrel on board (I am proud to admit that I drew the animals on board this magical vessel) !

Jasmine's mother took us to another art gallery/museum when it was over, and even though I was so tired from a lot of talking (hahaha) I really, really enjoyed it! It was an exhibition of April Ashley, whose story I found both heart-breaking and beautiful. She is such a beautiful woman in all these photos, and the story very nearly made me cry.

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