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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Into the Woods

My grandmother asked me to see this film with her, and I'm delighted that I did as it's AMAZING! Honestly, I absolutely adored it!

Into the Woods is the Disney version of a popular musical about characters from the fairy tales. A baker and his wife cross paths with Little Red Riding Hood, Jack, and Cinderella, who all have a desire of their own. Along the way they meet two *ridiculous* princes, Rapunzel, and a wicked witch who had placed a curse on the couple. Their main mission is to collect a blood red cloak, a milk-white cow, a golden slipper and hair as yellow as corn, all so that the witch would reverse the curse she put on their house to make the family tree a barren one, as what they want the most in the world is a baby... 

One of the things that I loved the most was the fact that they followed Grimm's Fairytales closely instead of skimping out on all the gore like a typical Disney film. The singing was fantastic, the actors picked really well (Johny Depp as the wolf was quite hilarious for some odd reason), and the costumes were drool-worthy, especially Little Red's adorable dress and red cloak!

Although it is quite scary in places, it also has a lot of humor, especially with the handsome princes; they sing songs about a one-sided love, in a water fall,  ripping their shirts half open... Fanservice, anyone? Quite hilarious if you take into account the satire!

Yet despite the ending being really depressing, it is also very promising. I think I'll have to get this on DVD when it comes out.

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