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Saturday, 10 January 2015

This Year's Lolita Wishlist

I've seen wardrobe posts cropping up all over egl recently, and although I want to make one, I may just leave it until later in the year when there is a better quality of light. Instead I'll make a wishlist for the next few years; hopefully by then I'll be good at sewing to make similar things, as I'm not exactly a big fan of brand sizes. Right now I'm very partial to OPs and Classic Lolita style. There are basics as well; I would like to own some BtSSB white OTKs, a white BtSSB parasol, a white heart-shaped typically BABY bag, and a dark brunette ringlet wig... I'd also like to try some Korean and Chinese indie brands at some point (the Krad Lanrete Marie Antoinette JSK and some Rose Melody especially!).

Also, I forgot to mention, but my parents say that if I do well in my exams I'll be allowed a shih tzu puppy; this is my dream to have a cute little toy dog girl! Felicity is the top name right now...


 This dress is from Jane Marple and is kind of otome-kei like in style. I'm really attracted to the simplicity and summery feeling of it, so at the moment I'm making something similar to it (although I may be held back by my GCSE Textiles skirt, which I designed earlier). In my mind's eye it is Evangeline's dress.
 I have always been in love with the Le Lac des Cygnes series by BABY, ever since I first admired Lolita style in 2010, so it would be a dream to finally get my grubby mitts on it at some point! Pink is my favourite colour way.
 Innocent World is my second favourite brand, so I really want to own an item from them at some point. Classic style is becoming my favourite style right now, and this dress reminds me of Claudia from Interview with the Vampire so much with its gorgeous porcelain dolls on it!
 Something reminiscent of Kamikaze Girls and old-school Lolita is on the top of my list! I know there's no chance I could afford to buy and fit into this Elizabeth OP, but seeing as it is being re-released, a girl can dream, right!
 In my mind, this is the exact design that my Margaret's School characters have to wear for uniform. So, obviously I'm in love! The colour is so cute, and perfect for the warmer months. This dress is from a Japanese indie brand called Margaret's School, and where I got my story idea from!
 An OTT classic style OP is something that I've been coveting for a long time. It reminds me of the Victorians so much, seeing as I'm a massive history fangirl nerd.
 A few years ago I spotted a gorgeous black and white, simple, versatile dress in the Lolita bring and buy at Hyper Japan, but seeing as they were still setting up store I was unable to buy it. I'd like something like this, for a more casual wear.
 A dress made out of shantung and chiffon would be wonderful for special occasions.
 This dress from Candy Violet has been in my mind since my very early days of Lolita. I dreamed of wearing this to my prom, and I think that finally my parents may allow me to have one made for me! It is both Rococo and 50s like in style, so it has been my dream dress for a very long time!
 I also like very simple dresses with a bit of beautiful lace, which would be great for summer.
A pink OP with long sleeves and a Rococo look to it with ribbons down the front is something I've been planning for a long time. When I'm confident in my sewing skills, I'd love to purchase lots of gorgeous fabric and make something similar to this. 


 Some fancy, Marie Antoinette styled shoes with small heels would look great with Lolita.
 Pearl necklaces and collars.
 Mon Petit Chouchou series by BABY is one of my dream prints, as I love the colours and the porcelain doll imagery! The waist band on this skirt is gorgeous.
 I would love a blouse with princess sleeves! Chiffon blouses are also very beautiful; but I do need more blouses for my wardrobe.
Of course, the matching headdress to the Elizabeth OP is necessary!

 The Metamorphose Dim Light series is very gothic and attractive in my eyes; the dark blue colour way is my favourite of all, but the red is also very lovely. Preferably I'd have the skirt, as I've only got one Lolita skirt at the moment.
 Fancy bonnets are my obsession, so I'd love to make one like this! I think this is from the Mon Petit Chouchou collection.
I know I look like an idiot when I attempt walking in heels, but the satin bow is so attractive! 

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