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Friday, 7 August 2015

Summer Fruits Mini Skirt

From the gorgeous fabric I purchased in London for £3 a metre, this project turned out to be rather a flop. :( I'm about 60% content with it the way it is now, so in the future it may be modified.

I was planning to make a summer dress with a tiered skirt and shirring, and although the shirring turned out beautiful, I realised that 1) it was way too big for me, 2) shirring is not flattering for ordinary figures that have been 'blessed' in the chest department, and 3) I feel practically naked in a sundress, damn it!
So with all these problems, I just decided to carry on with the skirt and put aside the shirring as a practice exercise. Sadly it wouldn't fit my sister, and she wouldn't be caught dead in it anyway. ;)

Here's the finished thing:

Whilst sewing the zip in was relatively easy for once, the waist band was sewn over the metal teeth of the zip where it catches, without me realising it - so unfortunately the zip is quite slippery and I run the risk of a public disaster when I wear it out, haha. Hand sewing is much more my forte so soon I'll try my hand at embroidery and sewing button holes by hand, as an exercise.

Oh well, onto some art work!

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