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Thursday, 30 July 2015

London 2015: Hampton Court and Wicked

It's been a dream of mine to go to Hampton Court one day, the home of Henry VIII and his six wives, ever since I learned about the Tudors in Year 5. There are so many interesting stories that stem from the place, and not to mention the stunning interiors and rich, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, history.

There were live performances from the Tudor age to the Baroque age (including one where Henry VIII came out of nowhere and I giggled like a madwoman taking his photo, although he were the real thing!), and many opportunities to see those famous portraits and paintings of the Royal family! Although I'm a massive Tudor fan, the interiors and people from the later ages captivated me slightly more. Powdered wigs is all I can say!

I shan't go into too much detail as it's documented in my journal and I can't be bothered writing it out again. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but sadly there were some areas where either photography was forbidden (the chapel, my favourite room) or my photos turned out blurred due to the poor light.

"OMG it's the King!" *flails*

There were so many amazing Georgian outfits made from paper!

After Hampton Court and shopping, we went to see the Wicked musical! It was AMAZING!!! No photos sadly, but lots of memories. The costume design was enough to make me want to cry from joy, and the big history nerd in me was obsessing over the brilliant details in the Emerald City folk costumes.
The costumes, vibrant colours (especially the acid green) and the understandable story were fantastic, not to mention very funny! So funny the way they twisted - if that's the right word - the Wizard of Oz to make this story.

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