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Monday, 13 July 2015

Lolita: What I'd Like To See in Future Prints

I seem to be on a bit of a Lolita roll at the moment, what with finding the band "Lareine" (which gives me those wonderful Malice Mizer vibes, what with them being roadies for the band at one point in their career!), wearing my IW Archangel dress and being complimented on it by a girl in Hobby Craft last week, and editing my book cover of Aika. So even though I'm not a member of the Lolita Blog Carnival, I thought I'd still join in on the fun. *laughs* You can see Caramea's lovely entry here - I love her fresh ideas!

1) A new take on the 18th Century, including the French Rococo and the British Georgian era. For example, delicate Marie Antoinette-esque tea sets, or even Antoinette's favourite places in Versailles, Georgian ladies in waiting at the courts, and those gorgeous shoes that feature in the Marie Antoinette film!

2) Wildflowers. Including baby's breath and lupines.

 3) Elements from the 1920s, like Art Noveau and Art Deco. I'd love for it to use those elegant colours that make up a chic Art Deco palette, like black, grey and gold. The print itself could include a smoky, dramatic atmosphere of the bourgeois upper classes in their country manors, holding lavish parties, only for one of the guests to die mysteriously in an Agatha Christie type way...

Waldeck from their album "Ballroom Stories"

4) A gruesome Medieval print, of either those gory barber-surgeons, or a church/cottage hospital filled with stained glass windows, praying patients, and nuns carrying extravagant bowls of fruit for the malnourished inmates.

5) And I know they've been done to death, but I'd love to see even more vampire prints, especially if they draw inspiration from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles - I just love Lestat and Claudia!

 Just as I was writing this post I saw that Alice and the Pirates has a new series on reserve, called "Sheherazade ~ One Thousand and One Nights", which features Middle Eastern elements in an "Aladin"-like print. My favourite is the dark blue and gold combination. Very interesting!

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