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Thursday, 30 July 2015

London 2015: Shopping

It's no secret that I'm very materialistic and love shopping *embarrassed*, so hopefully I won't sound too annoying here.

At Whittard's Tea shop I purchased an Alice in Wonderland tea cup for the 150th Anniversary; the handle is in the shape of a key, and the cup itself has a classical illustration of Alice in a pink frock. It looks very charming in my china collection!
Beforehand I bought a print of an elegant Georgian lady and some floral Victorian scraps at Pollock's museum.

That day, our main shopping focus was to visit the haberdashery at Liberty's. We browsed all the fabrics and trims, deciding that the prints were lovely, but the price tags ridiculous! So instead of a couple of meters of fabric, we decided on some Liberty bias binding, buttons, and angel wing applique in red floral, as it would still give a Liberty vibe on a finished garment. Whilst purchasing, I already had an idea in my mind of what I'd make - a 1920s inspired sailor dress! Also at Liberty I got a turquoise stag beetle embroidery kit (why not - I've got a beetle blog too!).

The next day we got the train to Battersea, after visiting Hampton Court for the morning. Apparently the shop we went in, Fabrics Galore, was where the Great British Sewing Bee TV programme got their fabrics for the show! I'm not surprised because inside it was immense - they had so much stock that I was overwhelmed and could hardly think to make a decision. Beautiful fabric everywhere, of all sorts and descriptions!
I must have walked around the shop three times trying to weigh up which fabrics I would use soon, and which ones I just liked the look of but wouldn't go with my designs. But in the end I came away with a creamy Alice in Wonderland fabric (14 pounds a metre, but so worth it) and a strawberry/raspberry print (on reduction at 3 pounds a metre).

Our last day in London was spent at Old Spitalfields Market, near White Chapel, I think. There were lots of beautiful handmade things and genuine vintage items, some even from the 1930s, including a gorgeous coral pink Pierrot blouse with beads on the collar.
Mainly we went there for Collectif, but I didn't really feel the urge to spend any more money as prices were high and nothing 'suitable' really leaped out at me; 'suitable' as in college-wear, not ballgowns! The store downstairs was also gorgeous, a lingerie store called What Katie Did. Again, it was expensive, but I loved it, especially the turquoise bullet bra with white mesh! I would so have bought something there if I had the money!
Food at Spitalfields is great too. I had a freshly squeezed watermelon juice and a gluten-free red velvet cupcake. I'd highly recommend!

Beautiful bags I found, too.

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